‘Ahsoka’: Is Jumping to Another Galaxy Possible? Explained


In the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ we learned that Ahsoka Tano and Morgan Elsbeth were searching for a starmap that could lead them to the possible location of none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn. Elsbeth’s people stole the starmap from Sabine Wren, and that was when the Nightsister used it to reveal the location of a place called Peridea, which is likely an entirely different galaxy. Then, in episode 3, Huyang scanned the Eye of Sion to reveal that it was constructed for traveling from one galaxy to another. So, is it really possible to jump to another galaxy in Star Wars?

Galactic hyperjump isn’t really impossible in Star Wars, but it is something that has been unprecedented because it requires a ship with incredibly hyperspace traveling capabilities. Moreover, as Huyang said, migrating to another galaxy requires using a hyperspace route that only the Purrgil know.

In that regard, jumping to another galaxy was never impossible in Star Wars. The only problem is that doing so tends to be very difficult due to many different circumstances that need to be considered. Of course, hyperspace routes are incredibly important when it comes to hyperspace travel, especially when jumping from one galaxy to another.

Some systems are technically outside the galaxy

When it comes to Star Wars, there is no doubt that we all know that it takes place in a galaxy far, far away because that has always been the opening line in all of the main movies. The entire lore also mostly takes place in only one galaxy, which is vast because it is composed of many different star systems that may or may not have already been explored.

In fact, there have been a lot of different star systems that were revealed to be unknown to most people. For example, Ahch-To and Exegol were largely unknown and were difficult to get to, especially for those who didn’t have the hyperspace route to get to those planets.

And that is why, in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, the starmap was important for both Ahsoka Tano and Morgan Elsbeth, as it contained the hyperspace route that they needed to get to the place called Peridea, which is located outside the galaxy.


That means that ‘Ahsoka’ is set to explore traveling outside the known galaxy of Star Wars, as this might be new to many fans. But it is important to consider that traveling outside the Star Wars galaxy isn’t exactly new because systems were discovered just outside the known galaxy.

For example, Kamino, which was featured a lot during the events of the prequel movies and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ is technically located just outside the Outer Rim of the galaxy and is quite close to the neighboring galaxy called the Rishi Maze, which is an irregular dwarf galaxy due to how small it is compared to other galaxies.


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Because the people of Star Wars often traveled to Kamino during the events of the prequel storyline, it goes without saying that they were traveling outside the known galaxy to get to a planet that didn’t belong to the usual galaxy featured in Star Wars. But Kamino is different in that it is actually situated just outside the Outer Rim, which means it doesn’t take much for any ship to get to Kamino.

The Purrgil inspired hyperspace travel

Back in the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ we were introduced to the space whales called the Purrgil, which are large whale-like creatures that are known to have the ability to fly without the use of wings or any other apparatus. Of course, the Purrgil are also known to be able to travel through hyperspace at will.


In’ Rebels,’ Hera also spoke about the Purrgil and their capabilities. In the episode entitled ‘The Call,’ Hera said: 

“When I was young, I was told amazing stories of creatures that lived in the stars, traveled between the worlds. Old pilots said it was the purrgil who inspired us to jump from system to system. But I don’t believe it.”

What that means is that the Purrgil were the ones who inspired sentient beings all over the galaxy to learn how to jump through hyperspace. At one point, the Purrgil were studied by the smartest people in the galaxy to uncover the secrets of hyperspace travel.

That allowed people to learn how to travel from one system to another within the Star Wars galaxy, as the Purrgil were responsible for allowing them to invent the hyperdrive.

The Purrgil follow specific migration routes

But while it may be true that the Purrgil taught people how to travel through hyperspace using hyperdrives, it is important to note that the people of the galaxy often only travel within the galaxy. We mentioned that certain systems, such as Kamino, are located outside the galaxy. But in most cases, hyperspace travel is almost always restricted within Star Wars galaxy.


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Then again, the thing that needs to be considered is that hyperspace travel isn’t random. Specific hyperspace routes must be taken so that one ship can get to another star system. During the High Republic era, it was even revealed that the Nihil, a large group of space pirates, had secret hyperspace routes that allowed them to travel from one place to another faster than conventional hyperspace routes. And in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,’ a specific map was required for people to get to the planet called Tanalorr.

There is also the fact that Huyang revealed the nature of the Eye of Sion. He said this structure was equipped with six Super Star Destroyer hyperdrives and was created for quick interstellar hyperspace travel. That was when Ahsoka asked him whether or not it was possible to jump from this galaxy to a neighboring galaxy.

elsbeth and baylan

Huyang explained that the Jedi archives once spoke about the Purrgil as creatures that can migrate from one galaxy to another using specific migration routes that were innately known to them. This means there is no doubt that traveling from one galaxy to another is more than possible in the Star Wars lore, especially if a ship is equipped to do so. Of course, knowing the specific hyperspace route is also important.

That is why the starmap, which reveals the Pathway to Peridea, and the Eye of Sion are important to Morgan Elsbeth’s Imperial faction because combining these two would allow them to get to the neighboring galaxy where they believe Thrawn is. And suppose the Imperial remnants are successful at getting to this foreign galaxy. In that case, this changes everything in the Star Wars canon lore because intergalactic space travel is something that is yet to be fully explored.

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