Where Was Ahsoka During ‘A New Hope’? Here Is What We Think

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When Ashoka Tano was created in 2008 for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars, ’ it created all types of questions. Giving Anakin a Padawan went against everything fans had known at this point, as he was believed only to be the learner and not the master. Even more questions were raised when we found out Ahsoka survived the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ events. This left fans wondering where she was during the events of the original trilogy. This is what we are here to find out. Here’s where we think Ashoka was during ‘A New Hope.’

While we don’t have an in-universe reason for her whereabouts during ‘A New Hope,’ it’s safe to assume that she is helping the Rebellion on other missions and trying to locate Ezra.  We know that Ashoka was known in the Rebellion. However, it is unclear if they know about her Jedi past, so her absence from the Battle of Yavin would make sense if she had other endeavors.

Now that we have briefly discussed where Ashoka was during ‘A New Hope,’ let’s analyze it in more detail! If you are interested in how Ahsoka joined the Rebellion and her fate before and after the original trilogy, stay with us and keep reading! 

How did Ahsoka join the Rebellion?

Fans were ecstatic when Ahsoka had been revealed in ‘Star Wars Rebels. Until then, it had been assumed that Ashoka had died in Order 66, as she had not been mentioned before in the show. The ‘Ahsoka’ novel by E.K Johnston revealed that Ahsoka had settled on the planet of Raada, located on the outer rim. She then became a mechanic and became close with the local farmers.

Ahsoka Rebels

After a short period, the Empire arrived on the planet and started to exploit the locals for their work and resources. This caused Ahsoka to build a small resistance to fight back and also helped get them off the planet. This caught the eye of Bail Organa, who was in the early stages of building the Rebel Alliance and then went on to recruit Ahsoka. 


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Ahsoka during ‘Star Wars Rebels‘

During the events of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Ahsoka went by the title of Fulcrum. She was feeding intel to multiple cells across the Rebellion, and one of the more notable ones was the Ghost Crew, led by Hera Syndulla. She then joins the Ghost Crew after realizing that Kanan is teaching Ezra the ways of the Force.

Ahsoka and Kanan

Ashoka was starting to have suspicions about the identity of Darth Vader and eventually faced the Sith Lord on Malachor. During the fight, she realizes that Vader is indeed her former Master, and she is able to get a slight upper hand in the fight and crack his helmet. We never truly discover her fate during the battle, but both the audience and the Ghost Crew assume she met her end, saving the Ghost Crew from Darth Vader.

Ahsoka vs vader

In the final episodes of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Ezra discovers the World Between Worlds. While it’s never fully explained, Ezra witnesses Ashoka fighting Vader through a portal and manages to save Ahsoka from whatever her fate was supposed to be.  They escape the Emperor, and Ashoka promises Ezra she will find him.

Where was Ahsoka during ‘A New Hope’?

After the ‘Star Wars Rebels events, ’ it’s safe to assume that Ahsoka was helping the Rebel Alliance with various missions while also on the hunt for Ezra. At the end of ‘Star Wars Rebels, ’ both Ezra and Thrawn get sucked into hyperspace, and with the promise Ahsoka made to Ezra, it’s unlikely that she ever gave up her search. This would explain her absence throughout the trilogy, and while we don’t have a full explanation yet, they will probably give us one during the ‘Ahsoka’ series. 

Is Ahsoka in the sequel trilogy?

We know that Ahsoka survives the events of the original trilogy due to her series taking place after it, and this was also confirmed to us with her appearance in the ‘Mandalorian’ Season 2. We also know that she makes contact with Luke Skywalker as both of them appear training Grogu in ‘The Book of Boba Fett.’

Due to them having met and Luke knowing the history of Ahsoka, he would have contacted her during the events of the sequel trilogy, and him not doing it shows that she was either too old or the most likely reason would be that she has passed by this point. 

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With the sequel trilogy taking place 30 years after the original, Ashoka is likely either dead or very old by this point. She would be in her late 70s. However, most Torguta have a lifespan of roughly 82 years. Force users can typically live double the life span of their species, but the thing that maybe confirms her death is in ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’

When Rey is fighting the Emperor, we hear the voices of all the Jedi who have passed away and one of those is Ahsoka’s voice. While we don’t know when she died, she sadly passed away by the events of ‘The Force Awakens.’

When will we find out Ahsoka’s fate?

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It has been confirmed that Dave Filloni is working on his own Star Wars film that will tie up the events of the Disney + shows. We will almost definitely find out what happens to Ahsoka up until the sequel trilogy, that is unless they want to give her more to do after the film. We will also probably find out what she was doing during the events of the original trilogy during her series, which will more than likely be linked to both Ezra and Thrawn.


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Where do you think Ahsoka was during the events of ‘A New Hope’? Let us know in the comments!

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