Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman: Which Powerhouse Would Win?


Supergirl and Wonder Woman are known to be among the most powerful DC Comics female characters, and due to their long history of existence as characters, both have become synonymous with strength and courage. Supergirl is an alien fueled by yellow solar radiation that allows her to break the limits of what is humanly possible, and Wonder Woman is a demigoddess with an extremely powerful lineage and various divine blessings, so the fight between the two would be very interesting. This is why we decided to pit the two of them in an imaginary battle to see who would come out on top. When it comes to the battle between Supergirl and Wonder Woman, who is more powerful, and who would win in a fight?

By all accounts and physical attributes, Supergirl is more powerful than Wonder Woman. However, that doesn’t warrant a win against a seasoned warrior. Wonder Woman is far more experienced in a fight and far more comfortable using her abilities. She is among the greatest combatants in the DC Universe and ultimately would win in a fight. The two fought in the comics before, with Wonder Woman winning every single time.  

Now that we’ve covered that, despite her shortcomings, Wonder Woman would still end up on top, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare Wonder Woman and Supergirl in terms of strength, speed, and other physical attributes so you can see who would come out on top. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Supergirl, like her more famous cousin, has the ability to convert yellow solar radiation into pure energy. She has the powers and abilities of an average Kryptonian, which means that she is massively more powerful than most characters in the DC comics universe.

She has heat vision, capable of melting through the toughest materials. She has a super-breath powerful of generating strong currents of freezing air. She can also use her stored solar energy through powerful and destructive energy outbursts and can generate low-level force fields. Not only are her powers oriented toward destruction, but she can also protect herself via her powers if necessary. 

Wonder Woman is different from the rest of her race because she is a daughter of Zeus and has the status of demigoddess, which provides her with additional physical attributes not available to the rest of the Amazons. She also received a plethora of divine blessings when she took on the title of Amazon champion.


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However, most of those divine blessings are oriented toward raw physical power, as Wonder Woman has little to offer in other departments. She can communicate with animals, and previous versions of Wonder Woman were skilled with magic, but this is pretty much it. On occasion, older versions of the character had divine energy projection powers, but the current Diana has nothing of the sort. 

Regarding powers and abilities, Kryptonians come with a more versatile skill set than Amazons, which is why our first point goes to Kara. 

Points: Wonder Woman (0:1) Supergirl

Strength and stamina 

Supergirl has insane levels of strength. She is known to be among the most physically strongest characters in comics in general. She can lift at least a million tons, with the upper limit of her strength unknown due to her Kryptonian physiology. This physiology provides her with unmeasurable stamina as well, and she can keep fighting for as long as possible if she is exposed to the yellow sun or has enough energy stored for later use.

Wonder Woman can lift in excess of 100 tons, and she can, due to that, pack quite a punch. This is due to her blessing of Demeter, a goddess that provided her with strength beyond the limits of the average Amazon woman. It’s important to note that just like when it comes to powers and abilities, older versions of Wonder Woman were strong enough to move celestial bodies, and she was frequently matching Kryptonian levels of strength. 

Due to her divine physiology, Wonder Woman produces next to nothing fatigue toxins meaning that she can fight for a long time before the effects of fatigue overwhelmed her.

Both Supergirl and Wonder Woman are unimaginably strong, but Supergirl seems to be physically stronger. The point goes to Supergirl. 

Points: Wonder Woman (0:2) Supergirl


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Just like the rest of her physical attributes, Supergirl has insane speeds at her disposal while running, flying, and in combat. Due to her speed, Supergirl is often compared to Flash, which we know is the fastest speedster in DC comic universe. Her reaction times and reflexes are greatly increased, and she is incredibly athletic and agile when it comes to fighting, often being able to deal with her enemies quickly. 

Wonder Woman was known to be capable, at times, of reaching Flash’ cruising speeds. This is due to her blessing of Hermes, which gives her both the ability to fly and move at unimaginable speeds. That speed translates well both outside and during combat as she can move, think and react at speeds vastly faster than those of regular human beings.

Both Wonder Woman and Supergirl are fast, Supergirl appears to be slightly faster, but this wouldn’t be that much of an advantage in combat where Diana would, due to her speed, have the upper hand. The point goes to both. 

Points: Wonder Woman (1:3) Supergirl


Supergirl is practically invulnerable as long as she stays underneath the yellow sun or has enough radiation stored in her cells. She will never age past her prime and is functionally immortal. Only a few things in existence can pierce Kryptonian skin, and your casual weapons and attacks are nowhere near powerful to take Supergirl down.

She is immune to most conventional forms of damage, and it is really difficult to injure her to the point that she can’t fight or move. She does have some notable weaknesses, as all Kryptonians are not immune to the effects of Kryptonite, and magic can affect them just like it would affect regular human beings. 

Wonder Woman, like Supergirl, never ages past her prime due to her godlike physiology. She is immune to most human ailments and will never be affected by diseases, toxins, poisons, and other biological weapons. She is notable for being able to tank planetary-level damage, but just like Supergirl, she does have some notable weaknesses, mostly sharp weapons, and bullets, for example. 

Wonder Woman is incredibly durable, but no amount of godly genes can overcome the fact that Kryptonians are generally indestructible when compared to most other races in the DC comics universe. This point goes to Kara. 

Points: Wonder Woman (1:4) Supergirl


In theory, Supergirl is a super-genius because of her highly advanced brain structure that all Kryptonians share. She can process and analyze information far faster than the average human being. Despite all of this, she was never counted among the iconic “geniuses” in the DC comics and has little feats in this department to brag with. 


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Wonder Woman is, on the hand, considered to be among the smartest superheroes in DC comics, mostly due to the massive life experience that allowed her to accumulate vast skills and knowledge of certain phenomena. She managed to adapt quickly to the modern world when she left Themyscira and learned English in a matter of days. She is an extremely skilled tactical analyst and one of the greatest diplomats in comics.

Both Wonder Woman and Supergirl are smart, but Wonder Woman is more experienced and has more useful skills. This is why the point goes to Diana. 

Points: Wonder Woman (2:4) Supergirl

Combat Skills 

Like all Kryptonians (or at least most), Supergirl is proficient in several hand-to-hand combat forms, mostly due to the training that she took part in back at Krypton. She is also skilled in Kryptonian fighting styles and quite a capable swordsman. However, she is nowhere near the rest of the Justice League regarding combat skills. Her speed and raw strength definitely give her an advantage in combat, but how would that turn out in a fight against one of the best fighters in DC comics? 

Wonder Woman is among the most skilled combatants in the DC universe. She started training her combating skills back when she was still in Themyscira and quickly rose to the ranks among the most skilled fighters among the Amazons. She is skilled in armed, unarmed combat and wields some of the most powerful weapons in the DC comics universe. Her fighting feats are legendary, and there are few characters that can measure up to her. 

Supergirl can fight, but Wonder Woman brings it to another level. The point goes to Diana. 

Points: Wonder Woman (3:4) Supergirl

Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl: Who wins? 

As you can see by our analysis, Supergirl is better than Wonder Woman when it comes to almost all physical aspects, but there’s a big catch to this. As the comic book history between the two showed us, Wonder Woman would ultimately win in a fight due to her combat skills and tactical mind that come with centuries of warfare and fighting. Diana knows her way around a battle and is comfortable in her powers, which is not something that Supergirl is famous for. 


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Supergirl is stronger, but Wonder Woman bridges that gap with her experience, wisdom, and combat skills. Ultimately, Wonder Woman wins. 

Who do you think would win in a fight between Supergirl and Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments!

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