‘Ahsoka’: According to Huyang, the Jedi Would Have Never Accepted Sabine. Here’s Why

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Back in the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ we learned that Sabine Wren was once the apprentice of Ahsoka Tano. That means that Ahsoka trained Sabine to be a Jedi even though she was never shown to be able to wield the power of the Force during the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Of course, in episode 3, Huyang opened his mouth even more by saying that the Jedi Order would have never accepted Sabine as a Jedi. So, why wouldn’t the Jedi have trained Sabine?

The Jedi would have never trained Sabine Wren because she fell short of their standards in terms of her sensitivity to the Force. Sabine is weaker in the Force than any other Padawan Huyang has ever encountered. That’s because her connection is almost non-existent and is below the usual standards of the Jedi Order.

It is important to note that the Force resides in all living beings, but it takes a certain level of Force sensitivity to become good enough for the Jedi Order. After all, the Jedi are keepers of the peace, meaning they need to be strong enough to keep it. In most cases, their strength is measured by their sensitivity to the Force, which Sabine isn’t strong in. Now, let’s look at what Huyang meant.

Sabine’s connection to the Force doesn’t meet Jedi standards

Before the ‘Ahsoka’ series was released, fans were already discussing whether or not Sabine Wren could be sensitive to the Force because she called Ahsoka Tano her master in the trailer. Of course, in the first two episodes, it was clearly established that Ahsoka took her in as a Padawan during the time period between the fall of the Empire and the events of the series.

It also helps that Sabine wields Ezra’s lightsaber and was able to learn the basic lightsaber forms under Kanan Jarrus in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’

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However, in episode 2 of ‘Ahsoka,’ there was a moment between Sabine and Huyang. The droid wondered if Sabine had been keeping up with her training, only for the Mandalorian to tell him that she had not. That was when the droid also told her that she was the worst Padawan he had ever seen because her aptitude in the Force was lower than any other Padawan in the history of the Jedi Order. Huyang knows his stuff because he has been around for 25,000 years

In that regard, it was made clear that Sabine didn’t have the kind of Force aptitude that the Jedi were known to prefer when it came to their Padawans. Of course, Huyang expounded even more during the events of episode 3.

Huyang had a moment with Ahsoka when they were piloting their ship through hyperspace. The droid told Ahsoka that the Jedi Order would have never accepted Sabine because she fell short of the standards of the Jedi when it came to the Padawans that could be trained. As such, it was clear that Sabine didn’t have the Force sensitivity that was up to par with what the Jedi Order was looking for when it came to their apprentices.

The Jedi had a “minimum” Midi-chlorian requirement in Legends

A lot of people may be wondering what kind of standards the Jedi Order had when it came to the younglings and Padawans that they could train in the ways of the Jedi. Well, this wasn’t specifically explored in the canon part of Star Wars and in ‘Ahsoka.’ But there is a precedent in the Legends lore of Star Wars.

We know that every being in the galaxy has Midi-chlorians, microscopic organisms that can communicate with the Force, the cosmic entity that binds all living things in the universe. That means every living being has a connection to the Force through the Midi-chlorians.


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But the Legends lore of Star Wars says that the minimum Midi-chlorian count for a person to be trained by the Jedi Order was 7,000. For the sake of comparison, the average Jedi has a Midi-chlorian count of 10,000. Anakin Skywalker’s Midi-chlorian count was said to be over 27,000.

So, that means that a person needs to have a Mid-chlorian count of at least 7,000 to be able to learn the ways of the Force under the Jedi Order. That means that other living beings also have Midi-chlorians but aren’t necessarily abundant in Midi-chlorians for them to fit the standards of the Jedi Order.

This means for Sabine that her Midi-chlorian count is likely below the required minimum of the Jedi Order because even Huyang said that she didn’t have the Force aptitude that the Jedi Order required.

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But because Sabine has shown the ability to have Force visions, there’s a good chance that her Midi-chlorian count might be somewhere under 7,000 but not far below it, unlike other “ordinary” characters who are far weaker in the Force. And this is why Huyang said that the Jedi Order would not have accepted her.

But Ahsoka wants Sabine to be herself

While Huyang did say that the Jedi Order would not have accepted Sabine into their ranks because of her subpar Force aptitude, Ahsoka was quick to counter him by saying that the standards that the Jedi upheld for thousands of years didn’t even save the Jedi Order from destruction. Ahsoka also said that she didn’t want Sabine to be a Jedi. Instead, she wanted Sabine to be herself.

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There are many ways for us to try to decipher what Ahsoka said. First things first, when we met Sabine in ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ she was already a skilled warrior and weapons expert who had a knack for creating and handling weapons and deciphering ancient art and ruins.

She was already a strong fighter due to her Mandalorian upbringing. As such, when she fought Ezra in a sparring session when she wielded the Darksaber, she defeated him by using her Mandalorian training instead of strictly relying on what Kanan taught her.

Kanan was very impatient with Sabine because she was “too Mandalorian” in the sense that she was stubborn and bullish. Like many Mandalorians, she was not open to the Force because the Mandalorians were meant to be warriors and weapons experts instead of religious sorcerers. And that was the reason why Kanan found it hard to teach Sabine how to wield a lightsaber.


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But while Kanan didn’t like this side of Sabine (he eventually accepted her Mandalorian side), Ahsoka probably realized that this was what the Jedi Order needed. Ahsoka may have seen that the somewhat rigid and uniform beliefs and standards of the Jedi contributed to the downfall of the Jedi Order, as many Jedi Knights and Masters were forced to conform to the beliefs of the Jedi instead of allowing them to develop their own beliefs and personalities.

In that regard, Sabine’s uniqueness was probably why Ahsoka decided to train her in the ways of the Force even though she was a lot weaker in the Force compared to other Padawans. The fact that she used a combination of her Mandalorian roots and her lightsaber training to defeat Ezra Bridger was proof of the fact that she can hold her own against well-trained Force wielders by relying on her uniqueness instead of trying to box herself into what a Jedi should do in a fight.

This explains why Ahsoka didn’t agree with Huyang when he said that the Jedi Order would have never accepted Sabine. Ahsoka herself has a non-standard approach to doing things because she was never formally a Jedi Knight. As such, she probably sees things that Huyang or even other Jedi don’t see when it comes to Jedi apprentices who aren’t necessarily strong in the Force.

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