‘Ahsoka’: Here’s What Marrok Really Was & How He Died


Episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ basically smacked all of the Marrok theories to dust after fans spent months figuring out who this mysterious Inquisitor was after he first appeared in the trailer. Of course, Marrok’s death eventually revealed who or what this Inquisitor was, and that was when it became clear that none of the theories that fans had were close. Dave Filoni pulled a fast one on fans. So, what is Marrok in ‘Ahsoka’?

Marrok is likely a former Inquisitor whose body was reanimated by Nightsister Magick. We saw in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ that the Nightsisters can reanimate the dead. Morgan Elsbeth likely used the body of a dead Inquisitor to bring him back as a thrall using her Magick.

The fact that Marrok was entirely different from what fans expected him to be is one of the biggest twists of the entire ‘Ahsoka’ series, as no one thought that this mysterious Inquisitor was just a walking corpse. It does make sense because of the fact that a Nightsister is leading the enemies. That said, let’s look at what Marrok actually is.

Marrok’s nature

Ever since he first appeared on our screens in the trailer of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, Marrok has been the most talked-about character because of the fact that he is the most mysterious out of all of the villains. It’s not only his masked appearance that makes him mysterious but also the fact that he is an Inquisitor during the time when Inquisitors were all supposed to be dead that made him even more intriguing.

As such, fans had different theories regarding Marrok and who he could be. Some fans thought that he might be the fallen version of Ezra Bridger. Some believe he might be a she because Marrok might have been Barriss Offee. But some fans thought that Marrok was Starkiller introduced as a canon character.

Nevertheless, episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ finally gave us the answers that we needed about this mysterious Inquisitor who has only had a few lines in the entire series and whose face was never revealed. And it happened after the duel that he had with Ahsoka Tano.

Marrok and Shin got in the way of the duo of Ahsoka and Sabine. Of course, Sabine wanted a rematch from Shin for what she did to her three episodes ago. Ahsoka was left to deal with Marrok, whom she couldn’t defeat in time in their first meeting on Corellia. And while Marrok gave her a tough fight during the earlier part of the duel, Ahsoka eventually prevailed.


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The huge lightsaber gash left on Marrok’s chest suddenly showed who or what Marrok was. Green mist escaped the wound as Marrok’s body disappeared, leaving only his armor falling to the ground after the mist had escaped. And those familiar with ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ would understand this green mist.

Back in the events of ‘The Clone Wars,’ we met the Nightsisters of Dathomir, who were led by the mysterious and powerful witch named Mother Talzin., The Nightsisters were the same group of witches who fixed Darth Maul’s mind and gave him a new set of robotic legs. The Nightsisters were once allied with Palpatine and Dooku until they decided to try to assassinate Dooku to appease Asajj Ventress, who was one of their own.

The Nightsisters were blessed with the ability to use Magick, a form of Force sorcery. This means that Magick is an aspect of the Force that the Nightsisters were naturally capable of doing. Magick allowed the Nightsisters to perform witchcraft, focusing more on curses, deception, and illusions. In almost all cases, Magick is usually represented by green mist, which is the spirit ichor that powers the spells of the Nightsisters.

Dooku eventually ordered General Grievous to attack and annihilate the Nightsisters of Dathomir after Talzin’s betrayal. To match the sheer numbers of Grievous’ droid army, Talzin ordered a powerful Nightsister named Old Daka to perform a ritual that allowed her to revive the fallen Nightsisters. She reanimated their dead bodies and turned them into zombie soldiers.

In that regard, it is clear that Marrok was a product of the Nightsisters’ necromancy because green mist escaped his body after Ahsoka defeated him. We know we have a Nightsister leading the Imperial remnants searching for Thrawn. Of course, we are talking about Morgan Elsbeth, who admitted she is a survivor of the Nightsister genocide.

As such, the fact that Marrok was incredibly loyal to Morgan without showing any hints of any ulterior motives (unlike Baylan and Shin) suggests that she brought him back to life using Nightsister Magick and turned him into one of his henchmen. And Ahsoka’s attack freed him from the spell, as the spirit ichor left his body upon his defeat.

How did Marrok die?

Technically, if Marrok was indeed a reanimated corpse, then that would mean he was already dead. It is possible that he was one of the Inquisitors who were killed during the events of ‘Rebels’ but was reanimated by Morgan Elsbeth.

Of course, in the duel with Ahsoka, Marrok “died” once more when he used his spinning blade technique to try to intimidate the unfazed Ahsoka. With her calm demeanor and approach, Ahsoka kept her composure and used a quick counterattack to leave a huge gash on Marrok’s chest after he launched his attack.


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Marrok’s death didn’t surprise Shin or Ahsoka at all, especially after the green mist left his body. This suggests that they were all probably aware of who or what Marrok was and that he was a product of Morgan Elsbeth’s Magick necromancy.

The fact that Marrok was simply an unnamed Inquisitor who was brought back to life is the biggest twist that Dave Filoni introduced into the ‘Ahsoka’ series because fans were making all sorts of different theories regarding this mysterious Inquisitor. And all of them weren’t close to the truth of what Marrok was.

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