Captain Marvel vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Captain Marvel vs. Superman Who Would Win in a Fight

Captain Marvel & Superman have quite a few similarities between them. First, both have alien DNA to which they owe their godlike powers. Both are among the top-tier powerhouses in their respective universes and are practically unbreakable. This is why the fight between the two would be extremely interesting and, after all, why we decided to stage this hypothetical fight. Both Captain Marvel and Superman are incredibly strong, fast, and durable, but when it comes to a fight between the two, who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Superman is more powerful than Captain Marvel and would win a fight against her. Both have versatile powers and abilities and incredibly potent energy-projection skills. However, Superman has vastly overpowered physical attributes that ensure that he is stronger, faster, more durable, and even more intelligent than Captain Marvel. That isn’t to say that it’s impossible for Captain Marvel to win, she can always utilize her energy-absorption powers, but it seems highly unlikely. 

Now that we’ve covered that Superman reigns Supreme, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare the powers, abilities, durability, strength, and speed of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain Marvel is not a full alien like Superman is, she is a Kree-Human Hybrid, and this Kree half is the source of most of her powers. Her most potent abilities, however, came from the brood experiments. Captain Marvel, due to her attunement to the cosmic powers of the Universe, has vast energy manipulation skills. She can project powerful blasts of photic and cosmic energy, blowing up like a supernova. 

captain marvel photon blast

She can also utilize this energy for a variety of effects, including item manifestation, shields, barriers, and plenty of other effects. Captain Marvel is a powerhouse in every sense of the way, but she is most notable for her ability to basically act like a cosmic bomb. 

Superman is a Kryptonian, and like in Captain Marvel’s case, most of his powers stem from his non-human physiology and the fact that the cells of his body basically act like solar energy batteries.

Yes, Superman is powered by solar energy. The more he takes in, the more powerful he is. As far as his abilities. Superman has heat vision, capable of melting through almost anything. He can create strong gusts of wind and vortexes with his freeze breath, and yes, he can utilize it to freeze objects on a molecular level. 

electric energy superman

Lately, Superman is capable of ejecting massive solar flares with incredible destructive potential. He doesn’t use those as often, however, due to the nasty side-effect that drains his powers almost completely, leaving him just a bit stronger than a regular human. 

Superman was also exposed to Warworld’s Genesis-powered “white” sun, and it gave him some additional powers and abilities that rendered weight, distance, temperature, and even spacetime meaningless to him. He gained a moderate ability to create limited energy constructs and mechanokinesis. 

Both Captain Marvel and Superman have incredible powers, but the thing is, Superman depends on yellow solar radiation too much, while Captain Marvel merely acts as a conduit for the cosmic forces. If Superman attacks with his most destructive ability – his Solar Flare this leaves him at risk of draining all of his other powers and abilities. This is why we decided to grant the first point to Captain Marvel, as Superman most likely wouldn’t go in, while Captain Marvel could. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:0) Superman


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Strength and Stamina 

Superman’s strength is unlimited. It is estimated that he can lift up to 2 billion tons, but as long as he “charges” himself with yellow solar radiation, his strength can basically only go up. Older versions of Superman likewise often manipulated celestial objects with bare strength. This is yet another proof that supports the infinite strength theory. 

Superman lifting

It’s similar to Superman’s stamina as well. Superman produces no fatigue toxins, and he can fight as long as he has yellow solar radiation on hand or has it stored within his cells. Under the right conditions, Superman can fight forever, as long as he doesn’t produce too massive Solar Flare, that is. 

Captain Marvel is among the physically strongest superheroes in Marvel Universe as it is estimated that she can lift up to 75 tons, although, like Superman, in the past, she was shown to be able to lift even more. Her stamina supplies are also near endless, once again thanks to her Kree DNA which means that she produces next to nothing fatigue toxins. She can fight for days before the effects of fatigue settle in. 

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

It’s rare that we find a character that can surpass Superman’s strength levels, and Captain Marvel is no exception. This point goes to Superman. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:1) Superman


Even though Superman doesn’t have access to Speed Force, like most conventional speedsters in DC comics, he is still among the fastest characters. Superman can move as fast as 186,000 miles per second and can achieve speeds many times faster than the Flash (due to flying, of course). Even though Superman’s combat speeds aren’t as overpowered as his flight, he still has vastly superior superhuman reflexes and reaction times. 

superman v flash1

Captain Marvel is capable of flight as Superman, and she can reach mindblowing supersonic speeds, due to which she often resembles a star while flying. She is notable for blitzing her opponents in combat and often moves faster than the human eye can see. Her reflexes and reaction times are likewise highly enhanced. 

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

The combat speed difference between the two is not as much as you would have thought, but still, Superman has better feats, and the point goes to him. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:2) Superman


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Superman is functionally immortal and indestructible as long as he is exposed to the effects of the yellow sun. There aren’t that many things that can make Superman bleed, and his fast-acting healing factor immediately repairs the damage dealt to him by the things that can. Superman does have weaknesses; most severely, he is weak to magic and the effects of green kryptonite

what does green kryptonite does to Superman

Captain Marvel is extremely durable. Considering that she can be a source of extremely potent cosmic detonations, it’s no wonder that nuclear explosions can’t take her down. She is not fully immortal, but she ages far slower than a regular human and can tank far more than most superheroes in Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel proved over time that she is almost impossible to kill, and she doesn’t have any notable weaknesses. 

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

Superman is technically more durable than Captain Marvel, but he also has weaknesses that Captain Marvel could rather easily exploit, as Green Kryptonite wouldn’t be so so difficult to come across for someone that can traverse space. Due to this, the point goes to both. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:3) Superman


Superman is highly intelligent due to his unique brain structure afforded to him by his Kryptonian physiology. His brain is just built differently, allowing him to process information much faster than a regular human can. Superman, however, lacks feats, as the most notable brain in the Justice League seems to be Batman

superman intelligence

Captain Marvel was quite smart, ambitious, and accomplished even before her powers were activated. She led a successful military career. She is a brilliant author and one of the most skilled pilots in the comics. Due to her military training and her Kree knowledge, she is among the most capable tacticians in Marvel Comics. Her knowledge of Kree technology likewise gives her an edge. 

Even though Captain Marvel is smart, Superman has a biological advantage in this case. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:4) Superman


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Combat Skills 

Superman has received extensive training in various forms of combat, including boxing, Jujitsu, Krav-Maga, wrestling, stick-fighting, and swordsmanship, making him an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. Even though he is not considered to be among the best fighters or martial artists in the DC, he is still, due to his biological advantages, hard to defeat. 

Captain Marvel received formal military training. She is an exceptional fighter, probably among the best in Marvel Comics Universe. She is quite skilled in various fighting techniques and even in hand-to-hand combat. Most of the time, she is faster and stronger than her opponents, and her knowledge of tactics and warfare usually means that she is prepared for all possible outcomes. 

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Both Superman and Captain Marvel are beyond skilled, but she has more training and more experience fighting when everything is taken into account. 

Points: Captain Marvel (3:4) Superman

Captain Marvel vs. Superman: Who wins? 

Superman is stronger than Captain Marvel and would win a fight against her more often than not. Superman has all the biological advantages, such as strength, durability, and speed, that Captain Marvel can’t even hope to match in her current form. Both have awesome powers, but Superman is simply able to outrun her, outlast her, and overpower her with raw strength. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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