How Fast Is Cyborg? Compared to Superman, Flash, Batman, & Wonder Woman

how fast is cyborg compared to other fast characters
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Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, is often downplayed in terms of his powers and abilities, considering that he has been mechanically improved beyond human limits. He has a vast array of upgrades ranging from defensive, offensive, and utility. But what about his physical aspects? We know that he is superhumanly strong and durable, but does his improved physiology improve his speed? Let’s see how fast Cyborg really is. 

Cyborg has super-speed, and even though exact numbers are not available, we know that his speed far surpasses what humans are capable of. Cyborg can also fly at eye-watering speeds and has superhuman reflexes, often being described as moving faster than the blink of an eye. Cyborg likewise has an option of nearly instantaneous travel through his ability to generate Boom Tubes. When compared to other Justice League members, Cyborg is considerably slower than Wonder Woman, Superman, and Flash but much faster than Batman. 

Now that we’ve speculated on how fast Cyborg is, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. What allows him to move faster than humans, and how would he compare to other traditionally fast characters? To find answers to this question and more, stay with us and keep reading!

Cyborg is superhuman in almost every aspect, relying on his cybernetic enhancements 

Despite being among the most powerful members of the Justice League, Cyborg is rarely praised for the sheer magnitude of his powers and abilities. His cybernetic body has plenty of enhancements that he can utilize for both offensive and defensive purposes. Computer interface, on the other hand, plays a huge role when it comes to utility. 

Cyborg can face just about any villain on equal ground since not only is his mind improved, but his mechanic parts grant him a level of strength, durability, speed, and stamina that vastly surpasses what humans are capable of. Even before his accident, Victor was a talented athlete who forced his father to turn him into a cyborg, but his new nanite and mechanical upgrade helped. 


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The exact number when it comes to Cyborg’s speed is not available. However, we do have some reference points to demonstrate how fast he can really move. In ‘DC Power: A Celebration,’ Cyborg’s computer calculated that it would take him 6 minutes and 32 seconds to reach S.T.A.R. Labs from his current location in the outskirts of Detroit. 

Cyborg running

Cyborg can fly at superhuman speed as well. In ‘Justice League’ Vol 4 #8, Cyborg was able to fly from Watchtower’s geostationary orbit all the way to San Francisco in less than 4 minutes, meaning that he can fly at speeds that surpass hundreds of miles per hour.

Cyborg flying

Victor’s greatest movement potential lies in his Boom Tubes. Due to Fatherbox being part of his toolset, Cyborg can open Boom Tubes to and from any point in space, either in the multiverse or universe, to transport himself and his companions. 

Cyborg is also capable of dimensional traveling by accessing hypertime. This ability relies on Cyborg’s technology rather than on Speed-Force. 

And now that we’ve covered the extent of Cyborg’s speed, it’s time to compare him with other fast characters in DC comics. 

How fast is Cyborg when compared to Superman?

superman 3

Superman’s speed fluctuated over the years, but he was always generally faster than light while flying outside Earth’s atmosphere and many times faster than sound while moving on Earth. It’s generally accepted that Superman can move as fast as 186,000 miles per second under the right conditions, but he frequently shows that he can go even faster than that. We generally don’t have any evidence that Cyborg can approach this speed flying or running, so he is much slower than Superman. 

Is Cyborg faster than Flash?

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We already mentioned that Cyborg can transport himself and others into hypertime from a direct angle, and Flash can’t do that, but does this mean that he is faster than Flash? Well, it’s not that simple. What makes Flash (any character that carried the mantle of Flash at any point) stand out among the speedsters in DC Comics is his connection to the Speed-Force. The Speed-Force is the embodiment of speed itself, and no one is faster than Flash theoretically.

Let’s compare Wally West with Cyborg. Waly can reach speeds up to 500 times the speed of light, even 13 trillion times the speed of light. Cyborg is nowhere near these unimaginable speeds, and it’s generally something that only Speed-Force can provide you with. 

Cyborg is many times faster than Batman

batman 1

Batman is generally famous for not having any superpowers or superhuman attributes, even though ample evidence from the comics points in a completely different direction. Batman can run at a peak speed of 40 miles per hour; he exceeds the limits of what human athletes can reach, but this still can’t measure up to Cyborg’s enhancements.


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Cyborg also has much faster reaction times and can fly. Generally, Batman is not that fast at all, except when it comes to combat speeds, but even this, considering that Cyborg has a computer interface that warns him and calculates movements in advance, Cyborg would likely be able to surpass. 

Is Cyborg faster than Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman flying

Cyborg is not faster than Wonder Woman because his cybernetic implants cannot measure up to Wonder Woman’s godlike heritage. Wonder Woman is fast due to Hermes’ blessings, and due to her superhuman Amazonian physiology, she is generally regarded as able to fly at the speed of light in space but is much slower on Earth. 

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