How Fast Is Wonder Woman Compared To Superman, Flash, and Thor?


It goes without saying that Wonder Woman is the symbol of physical prowess among the female heroes of the DC universe, as she is basically one of the greatest female superheroes of all time. On top of the fact that she is incredibly strong, Wonder Woman’s speed is also beyond what normal humans can imagine due to the fact that her physical traits extend to her speed as well. So, how fast is Wonder Woman?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Wonder Woman is incredibly fast because she was blessed with the speed of Hermes, the Greek messenger god.
  • In the comics, Wonder Woman was fast enough to match the cruising speed of the Flash but is notably slower than him and Superman.
  • Wonder Woman may be fast, but she wasn’t even able to see the movements of both Darkseid and Zeus during the duel between the gods in the comics.

Wonder Woman has the speed of Hermes

One of the things that we know about the world of DC is that it has heroes who are gifted with physical traits that are exponentially greater than the limits of human beings. This means that they are also capable of moving incredibly fast such that they are faster than peak athletes and even our fastest vehicles.

While most people would think of Superman and the Flash when it comes to fast superheroes, the name that comes into mind when talking about fast female heroes is Wonder Woman because she has all of the physical traits of a powerful superhero as well. So, just how fast is Wonder Woman?

For starters, Wonder Woman’s physical traits are not like Superman’s physical abilities, which were genetic. Instead, Wonder Woman has physical traits that are exponentially greater than what humans are able to achieve because she was blessed by the Greek gods and is actually the daughter of Zeus, the king of the Greek pantheon. That means that her physical abilities are divine in nature.


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While she may be the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman’s speed came from Hermes, who gifted her with speed that’s comparable to the speed of the Greek messenger god. As such, she is fast enough to keep up with some of the fastest villains and heroes alike in the world of DC, as she basically possesses godly speed.

Wonder Woman’s speed was given justice in the DCEU, where it was clear that she was incredibly fast. In the ‘Batman v Superman’ movie, Diana was able to make it from the Metropolis Airport to Wayne Station in just a matter of minutes to help Superman and Batman out in their fight against Doomsday. Her speed was so fast that she was able to disarm a man with a gun before the man could even react.

There were even cases wherein Wonder Woman was seemingly a blur whenever she was moving as she was able to charge back at Doomsday in a split second after the monster knocked her back. Then, during the events of ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ she was able to run alongside high-speed vehicles despite the fact that her powers were gradually diminishing. Her speed was also great enough to match the speed of Cheetah, who was always known for her speed.

During the events of the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, Diana was so fast that she was able to defeat the enemies of the Allied Forces with her quick movements as she was able to get from one place to another before the enemies could even realize what was happening. 

Wonder Woman’s speed also extends to her reflexes because she can perceive and react to fast-moving objects as well. She can perceive bullets as if they were moving in slow motion, and this allows her to block or dodge bullets with little to no effort. This also extends to the bullets of assault rifles as she can easily block them despite how fast the bullets of these guns move.


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There’s also the fact that her speed and reflexes are so great that she can also keep up with the speed of her fellow superheroes. Some heroes may be faster than Wonder Woman, but she is able to keep up with them from time to time. However, in the comics, she wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the movements of both Zeus and Darkseid when the two gods were battling one another. That means that as fast as she is, her speed still has limits.

How does Wonder Woman’s speed compare to other DC and Marvel characters?


Often seen as the poster boy of strength and speed in the world of DC, Superman is one of the fastest heroes ever written and is faster than a speeding bullet, as the saying goes. In the comics, he is often portrayed to be so fast that he can actually race with the Flash, who is still faster but is often pushed to the limits by the Kryptonian hero.

The fact that Superman is able to keep up with the Flash and race with him is the reason why he is still a lot faster than Wonder Woman. Though Diana is fast in her own right, Superman is still simply a lot faster.

The Flash

Known as the fastest member of the Justice League, the Flash is empowered by the cosmic energy source known as the Speed Force, which is capable of generating fields of energy that allow the Flash and the other speedsters to move at speeds that are beyond the speed of light. That is why the Flash is so fast that he can even outrace time itself.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Flash is a lot faster than Wonder Woman. But Wonder Woman, at her peak running speed, is said to be able to match the Flash’s cruising speed, proving that Diana herself is not a pushover when it comes to how fast she is.


Marvel’s Thor is very similar to Wonder Woman because they both have divine empowerment due to their godly physiques. Of course, Thor was never known for his ability to move fast, but he is still a lot faster than most superheroes due to his superhuman speed. He isn’t known to be able to move fast in combat or whenever he is running, but he can fly at speeds that exceed Mach 32 when using Mjolnir.


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In terms of their reflexes and combat speed, Wonder Woman trumps Thor. However, Thor is likely faster than Wonder Woman whenever they are in flight. Still, Wonder Woman would be more than a handful for the god of thunder in a fight because her reflexes seem to be faster.

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