How Strong Is Captain Marvel? Compared to Hulk, Thor & Other MCU Characters

How Strong Is Captain Marvel Compared to Hulk Thor Other Strong MCU Characters

Ever since her introduction to the MCU, Captain Marvel is considered to be among the strongest of Avengers. She was seen bending metal, stunning Thanos, and displaying incredible physical might overall. Her secret is in her unique physiology, and we’re sure she would be able to win an arm-wrestling contest based on pure might alone against the majority of MCU characters. Having said that, let’s see how strong Captain Marvel is, especially compared to other strong MCU characters. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Captain Marvel has superhuman strength due to her hybrid physiology. 
  • It’s estimated that she can lift between 75 and 95 tons based on the source material, although the exact numbers were never specified in the MCU. 
  • Captain Marvel is physically stronger than all non-powered and enhanced humans in the MCU. However, she would likely be overpowered by the likes of Thor and Hulk.

How is Captain Marvel so strong? 

Even though Captain Marvel in the comics and in the MCU has a different origin story, the result was pretty much the same. If you can recall how she got her powers, you will remember that Captain Marvel spent a good portion of her life as a regular human. It was only after she was exposed to Tesseract and received a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg that she got her superhuman powers and physical enhancements. 

Following her transformation into a Kree-Human hybrid, Captain Marvel soon learns that she has nearly godlike energy-manipulation powers, and she can lift more, run faster, fly, and tank unimaginable damage. 

Captain Marvel punching thanos

As far as the concrete numbers go, it was never exactly specified how much Captain Marvel can lift, but we can assume, based on comics, that it’s anywhere between 75 and 95 tons, which places her at the top of the physical strength hierarchy as far as the MCU goes. MCU versions of characters do tend to be slightly weaker (or much weaker) than their comic book counterparts, so take that into account as well. 

Still, we’ve seen some awesome feats. Captain Marvel frequently engaged multiple enemies in the MCU, and not only humans. She was able to take down several Kree and Skrulls as well, which are well known to be physically stronger than your average human. 

She was able to bend steel and destroy metal with her bare hands. She also went up against some of the most powerful characters in the MCU, such as Thanos, and managed to stun them. In her Binary Form, it is said that Captain Marvel’s strength reaches “incalculable” levels.


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Carol’s superhuman strength helps her with other physical feats, as she is able to jump extremely high due to her strong muscles. 

Now that we’ve summarized this, how does she compare to other MCU characters?

Captain Marvel is weaker than Hulk 

mark ruffalo hulk

Hulk’s most notable (and likely the only) superpower in the MCU is his extreme strength. As we all know well, Hulk’s strength scales with his anger in the MCU, as there are several scenes where Hulk needs to be calmed in order to be overpowered. Based on this, Captain Marvel may have a higher base strength than Hulk, but the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. 

This means that Hulk eventually reaches a point where he surpasses Captain Marvel’s strength, and not only that, but he keeps on going. Sadly, Captain Marvel loses this one based on physical strength alone. In her Binary Form, the fight is a bit more even, but Hulk could still overpower her. 

Captain Marvel overpowers Captain America Easily

captain america chris evans

Captain America is synonymous with bravery, justice, and righteousness, but he isn’t exactly strong when all things are taken into account. Captain America got his enhanced strength from Super Soldier Serum, and he was never able to compete with superpowered humans even though his strength did increase further in the latter movies.

Sadly, his above-peak human performance can’t compete with Danvers’ Kree physiology. Captain Marvel is much stronger than the current Captain America, Sam Wilson, as well. 

Captain Marvel is weaker than Thanos


We all remember a scene when Captain Marvel successfully traded blows with Thanos in her Binary Mode before she was eventually overpowered and thrown away by Thanos. Or that scene in which she man managed to subdue him in several quick moves in ‘Infinity War.’ Captain Marvel does have close to enough juice to face Thanos, but ultimately, he is far stronger than her due to his Titan physiology and the bionic enhancements he has given himself over the years.  

Captain Marvel would triumph over Adam Warlock 

adam warlock mcu future

Adam Warlock was only recently introduced during the events of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.’ He isn’t nearly as strong (or smart) as his comic book counterpart, but this has been explained by the fact that he was taken out of his cocoon too early. Even though we’ve already seen him performing amazing physical feats, like punching holes in walls and breaking Nebula’s bionic parts, he still isn’t close to Captain Marvel’s physical strength, especially when she is in her Binary Mode.

That doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to surpass her eventually. 


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Captain Marvel can’t measure up to Thor’s godlike strength

thor rocket

Thor is currently in the MCU, the most powerful he has ever been. He is the strongest Asgardian and has the physical strength to match it. Over the years, we’ve seen him manipulating cars, people, and other heavy objects, crushing walls, spaceships, and alien species, cutting through impossibly dense objects, and numerous other strength feats. Captain Marvel lacks those strength feats, but it is possible that she could rival Thor’s strength in her Binary form. 

Under normal circumstances, Captain Marvel is far weaker than Thor. 

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