Captain Marvel vs. Thor: Who Wins the Fight & How? (MCU & Comics)

Captain Marvel vs. Thor Who Wins the Fight How MCU Comics

Captain Marvel and Thor are among the most iconic and powerful characters in Marvel Universe. Both have insane powers and unattainable physical strength, mostly owed to their otherwordly physiologies. Captain Marvel and Thor are usually on the same team, but the fight between the two of them would look extremely interesting. And this is what we set out to explore today. If it ever comes to a battle between Thor and Captain Marvel, who is more powerful, and who would win, both in the MCU and in the comics? 

Thor is more powerful than Captain Marvel and would be able to win a fight against her both in the comics and in the MCU. Thor is an Asgardian god, meaning that he is physically stronger, more durable, and has more versatile powers and abilities at his disposal. Captain Marvel managed to defeat Thor in the source material, but only because he was robbed of his most powerful weapon. Otherwise, the fight is pretty clear-cut, even with Captain Marvel’s energy-absorbing abilities. 

Now that we’ve covered that God of Thunder gets this one, it’s time to analyze how and why. We’re going to explore the powers, abilities, speed, endurance, and strength of both characters, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain Marvel is not a regular human. Due to the accident that activated her Kree/Human hybrid DNA, she has access to vast physical abilities, but it doesn’t stop here. A large extent of her cosmic powers was unlocked via Brood’s experimentation since they saw great potential in her. Now, Danvers can absorb, utilize, and expel vast quantities of cosmic and other forms of energy

captain marvel photon blast

She can utilize that energy to create either powerful blasts or protective barriers. She essentially works as a battery, one able to expel potent detonations. Captain Marvel can also manifest various constructs by using cosmic energy. 

What’s to say about Thor that we don’t already know? For a good reason, he is the God of Thunder, meaning his most notable attack is his lighting, but it’s nowhere near his only or most powerful ability. Thor is, for a good reason, among the most powerful Asgardians. His birthright afforded him extreme levels of energy-manipulating powers. He can also control other elements such as earth, air, and water. Just like Captain Marvel, he can utilize cosmic energy to form protective barriers of powerful blasts and also has the added bonus of summoning powerful warriors to fight by his side. 


It’s not his most popular ability, but Thor can certainly manipulate reality and some other basic natural forces to an extent. Thor has access to God-blast and Thor-Force. With Thor-Force, he has some of the most awesome feats in the comics. He has a range of unique abilities that are able to affect space, time, reality, gravity, and other abstract phenomena. He can also access existence erasure. Thor-Force has the potential to stop entropy from spreading.  

Captain Marvel can use some of Thor’s abilities to power herself but not all. He is still vastly more powerful, has a more versatile powerset, and a much bigger energy output. The point goes to the God of Thunder.

Points: Captain Marvel (0:1) Thor


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Strength and Stamina 

Due to being part Kree, Captain Marvel has vast lifting strength at her disposal. She can lift up to 75 tons but frequently lifts even more. She was at least strong enough to manipulate the remains of a dead Celestial.

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

Just like her strength, Captain Marvel’s stamina is limitless, although using up her cosmic powers does drain her much faster than her physical feats. Still, her enhanced body produces fewer fatigue toxins and recovers from fatigue much faster than a regular human.

Thor can lift more than 100 tons as he is frequently depicted among the physically strongest characters in the comics and is often shown to have strength that rivals that of Hulk. Thor is not only strong when compared to humans but also incredibly strong when compared to Asgardians and other superpowered aliens. 

Thor world tree

Thor also has near-infinite stamina reserves and can seemingly fight for as long as it’s needed since he produces almost no fatigue toxins due to his superior physiology. Thor’s most powerful abilities, however, like Thor-Force, drain his magical power stores, and he is forced to enter Thor-Sleep to replenish his godly energies, just like his father before him. 

There’s no doubt about it, Thor is much stronger than Captain Marvel and would likely last in the fight longer than her. 

Points: Captain Marvel (0:2) Thor


If one thing Captain Marvel is known for, it’s her ability to speed-blitz her enemies. Captain Marvel can move at supersonic speeds while flying and moving faster than the human eye can follow while in combat. She has extremely fast reflexes and reaction times and is considered to be among the fastest combatants in the Marvel Universe. 

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

Thor’s speed is usually associated with Mjolnir. When throwing his enchanted hammer, he can reach massively faster-than-light speeds. However, this wouldn’t be of much use in combat, except if he is running away. In terms of combat speed, it is said that Thor can move with speed and grace that vastly surpasses even the finest human athletes. He is often difficult to follow in combat and has superior reflexes and reaction times. 

Thor dodges asteroid

Even though, on paper, Thor surpasses Captain Marvel in terms of speed, we’ve decided to grant this point to Danvers as well due to her famous speed blitzes. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:3) Thor


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Thor is a god, and killing him is difficult, although it is not impossible. To injure the God of Thunder or make him bleed, you would need some of the Universe’s strongest powers and some of the most powerful weapons. Thor is extra durable due to his alien physiology. He often tanked planetary levels of destruction, black holes collapse of Universe, and cosmic entities much more powerful than even himself. 

With the activation of her Kree physiology, Captain Marvel started aging far more slowly than your average human being, and she became extremely difficult to injure. She managed to tank some amazing attacks over the course of her existence, including a point-blank shot from Thanos. If Danvers does get injured, she has a fast-acting healing factor that repairs the damage as soon as possible.

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

Thor has better durability feats than Captain Marvel, and this is why the point goes to him. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:4) Thor


In the MCU, Thor was always shown as not being the brightest of the bunch. He is quite knowledgeable when it comes to lore, mythologies, gods, magic artifacts, and stuff like that, but he was never exactly a genius. He is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled tactician and warlord, but this is pretty much the extent of it. In the comics, Thor was shown to have above-average intelligence, and besides being well-versed in Asgardian lore, he retained the medical knowledge of Donald Blake, but this is it. 

thor intelligence

Captain Marvel was quite smart, ambitious, and accomplished even before her powers were activated. She led a successful military career. She is a brilliant author and one of the most skilled pilots in the comics. Due to her military training and her Kree knowledge, she is among the most capable tacticians in Marvel Comics. Her knowledge of Kree technology likewise gives her an edge. 

When it comes to knowledge about spells and lore, Thor is your go-to guy. When it comes to alien technology, it’s Danvers. Due to this, both get the point. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:5) Thor


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Combat Skills 

Did we forget that Thor is the deadliest being in the Universe with a specific blunt weapon? Thor was created for warfare, and he led many wars alongside his father, conquering many different places. Due to his age, he learned a thing or two over the years and mastered nearly all weapons in existence. He is a master of warfare, and few understand it better than he does.

Over the centuries, Thor has honed his abilities to the point where he is just as deadly with traditional Asgardian weapons as he is with his energy-manipulating powers. When it comes to combat expertise, Thor is unmatched, and this makes him an incredibly dangerous opponent in battle. 

Captain Marvel received formal military training. She is an exceptional fighter, probably among the best in Marvel Comics Universe. She is quite skilled in various fighting techniques and even in hand-to-hand combat. She is usually faster and stronger than her opponents, and her knowledge of tactics and warfare usually means that she is prepared for all possible outcomes.  

Despite everything, Thor is more knowledgeable in the art of war and has more experience on the battlefield. This point goes to him. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:6) Thor

Captain Marvel vs. Thor: Who Wins in the MCU?

Both Captain Marvel and Thor were scaled down for the MCU as most of the characters we’ve seen, but our original points still stand. Thor would win this fight. He can easily reflect and tank Captain Marvel’s energy-based attacks. He is a superior combatant and has access to weapons that would deal quite a bit of damage to her. 

The only difference that I would like to mention between the MCU and comic analysis is that in the MCU, Captain Marvel seems to be on par regarding strength with Thor, and she definitely seems to be faster than him. However, that wouldn’t be enough to counter his skills and weapons. 

Who do you think would win this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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