Drax vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight? (MCU & Comics)


Drax and Hulk are famous powerhouses in Marvel Comics, with Hulk being known as the strongest there is and Drax being created to kill Thanos, which is in itself an impressive purpose to have. Even though two are known to break the limits of strength, we likewise know that their cinematic versions are generally considered to be weaker. This is why we decided to pit them against each other to see how they would fare in a fight, both in the comics and in the MCU. When it comes to a battle between Drax and Hulk, who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

Hulk is stronger than Drax in both MCU & comic and would win in a battle against him the majority of the time. Hulk is stronger and faster and, depending on how you look at it, more durable. The two fought before in the comics, with Drax matching Hulk’s strength and abilities, but an important thing to remember is that Drax faced the weakest version of Hulk and swallowed a Power Stone beforehand. 

Now that we’ve covered that Drax, unfortunately, cannot prevail in a fight against the Hulk, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare the powers and abilities of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Before we begin our comparison, it’s important to mention that we will compare base prime universe versions of both characters whose powers, abilities, and other attributes can vary with the time and storylines that they are currently featured in. Now let’s start with Hulk. 

Hulk is by far most famous for his incredible strength. He is a tanky powerhouse with seemingly unlimited strength at his disposal. But, there’s more to him than just his ability to break things, as Hulk has a unique ability to harness and emit varying levels of gamma radiation, depending, of course, on how enraged he is. He is also completely resistant to certain types of mind control and mental manipulation. 

The MCU version of Hulk doesn’t have the insane feats and mind-blowing records as his comic book version. Still, we witnessed enough of his strength but little else in terms of other powers and abilities. Hulk is resistant to radiation and can produce powerful thunderclaps, but that’s pretty much all. 

In the comics, Drax was created to destroy Thanos, so he has several additional abilities for that purpose. He could generate a deadly aura that increased his strength when Thanos was nearby, and he could track Thanos from anywhere in the Universe, but those powers wouldn’t be useful against Hulk at all. Drax is a pure brawler in the MCU with no additional energy projection skills or similar powers. 

With everything said, Hulk has more going for him. The point goes to Jade Giant. 

Points: Drax (0:1) Hulk


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Strength and stamina 

The main core attribute of Hulk is his super strength. Due to his gamma radiation-altered physiology, he has access to unlimited strength. In general, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. Only a few characters in Marvel comics can match Hulk’s strength levels because those are immeasurable. In terms of stamina, it’s pretty much the same as with strength. As long as he is angry, Hulk requires no strength, food, or rest. He will keep going until his rage doesn’t run out, so we’re speaking about potentially unlimited reserves of stamina. 

In the MCU, we’ve witnessed Hulk breaking buildings, bending metal, and throwing vehicles around like they are toys. Hulk has had some crazy strength feats over the years in the MCU. However, his current incarnation in the MCU, Professor Hulk, does seem to be slightly weaker. This is because he is in full control of himself and cannot access that rage that fueled his strength in the first place. However, he is insanely strong and stronger than most characters we’ve seen on-screen. 

In the comics, Drax has superhuman strength, and he can lift up to 50 tons in general. This is insane, and believe it or not, this is a downgrade compared to how strong he used to be. His stamina levels suffered a considerable downgrade as well. Even though he is still considered superhuman with far fewer fatigue toxins than the average human, he can only exert himself only for several hours before he starts being impaired by tiredness. 

MCU Drax is a Kylosian, a race of humanoid aliens that pride themselves on being warriors, and due to that, it’s obvious that they have to have superhuman strength. Drax was, at his best, capable of achieving crazy feats such as briefly subduing Thanos, injuring Thanos, and breaking Groot’s restraints. He was all over the place and proved himself to be among the physically strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

With everything said, both Hulk and Drax excel in the strength department. Hulk is, however, unmeasurably strong when compared to Drax. 

Points: Drax (0:2) Hulk


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Hulk is bulky and heavy, but he does some powerful muscles that are able to propel him in the air at great speeds. His super-strong muscles allow him to leap and jump incredibly high. And in one instance, he was able to match Namor’s speed while swimming, which is an insane speed feat. His incredible speed translates well to combat as well, as his reflexes and reaction times only go up the angrier he gets. 

In the MCU, we’ve seen Hulk leaping 30 feet in the air, being fast enough to catch Mjolnir, and jumping high enough and long enough to use buildings as platforms. Everything considered, he is pretty fast both in the Comics and in the MCU. 

The comic version of Drax currently doesn’t have super speed, but he does have faster-than-average reflexes and reaction times that make him a decent enough opponent when it comes to combat. In the MCU, we’ve seen Drax doing some crazy stunts, and he proved that he could leap with the best of them when he jumped on Thanos. He could easily leap on Cull Obdisidan’s back, and in the latest movie, we’ve seen him jumping and covering great distances to reach High Evolutionary’s ship.

The comic version of Hulk is vastly faster and more agile than the current Drax, the MCU versions are closer to each other in terms of agility, but still, Hulk gets the point. 

Points: Drax (0:3) Hulk


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If Hulk is legendary in one aspect, save for his strength, it’s his durability. He can tank incredible amounts of damage, and it’s generally known that conventional weapons cannot even pierce his skin. His muscles and body tissues are so strong the blade or bullet are likely to break before they manage to cause some serious and lasting damage. Hulk can be hurt by weaponry made of Vibranium and Adamantium, among the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe. Still, even when Hulk is hurt, his ultra-rapid healing factor kicks in, healing the damage in record time. 

Over the years, Hulk has appeared to be almost unkillable. In the MCU, the greatest durability feat that we’ve witnessed regarding Hulk was the fact that he managed to wield Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, he was disabled by it and hurt by it, but the fact that he wasn’t completely and utterly incinerated or dissolved speaks a lot of his general durability. Only the strongest MCU characters like Thanos are able to tank the full brunt of Infinity Gauntlet. 

Even Peter Quill, who is part Celestial was damaged slightly by only holding the Power Stone. 

Reborn Drax is vastly less durable than before he died, but still has amazing durability. His original body was artificial in nature, designed to be able to stand anything that Thanos could throw at him. Drax’s new body can sustain varying degrees of severe damage. He can withstand the harshest environments known to mankind. He is also highly immune to conventional weapons and has an extremely rapid healing factor capable of healing the most severe damage in record time. 

We’ve seen Drax tanking severe beating over the course of his MCU appearances. He was beaten by Ronan, Thanos, M-Ship crashed into him, and even Abilisk was able to fling him around, but we’re still yet to see Drax bleed. This is due to his alien physiology, as his skin is highly durable. Drax’s skin cells have a drastically higher regenerative rate than his other cells, which means that superficial wounds will heal in record time. Luckily for him, when you have skin as tough as his, most injuries are superficial in nature. 

Both Drax and Hulk are extremely durable, but Hulk has better feats and has managed to tank Infinity Gauntlet in the MCU. The point goes to him. 

Points: Drax (0:4) Hulk


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Hulk is not intelligent, but Bruce Banner is. He is among the smartest characters in comics in general, with several accomplishments in the fields of nuclear sciences and physics. This is what makes his transformation into Hulk all the more ironic. 

In the MCU, the situation is pretty much the same, or at least. It used to be. Hulk was extremely intelligent, while Hulk was extremely dumb and basically functioning on base instinct. Bruce Banner was one of the greatest contributors to the issues related to the Snap and Time Heist. Even in his merged form, Hulk seems to attain his intelligence completely, even if he did lose some other aspects of Hulk’s personality.

Initially, when Arthur Douglas was transformed into Drax, his intellect was largely suppressed to prevent his personality from interfering with his sole mission of killing Thanos. 

This made interacting with Drax challenging due to his single-minded pursuit and lack of restraint in harming anyone that got in his way. However, after Arthur’s original mind was fully restored, Drax underwent a significant transformation and became a more intelligent and reasonable creature. 

In the MCU, it’s pretty known that Drax doesn’t always get things. He has trouble understanding metaphors in general, and some fans even thought that he was autistic. It turn’s out that Drax is not autistic. He is simply Kylosian, and they are known to be a “literal” race using only straight-forward speech and have no use for the hidden meaning of words.

I wish I could say that Drax is actually a highly intelligent tactic master, but he isn’t. He mostly just rushes into anything that life throws at him and tanks the damage as best as he can while landing a few shots. 

Bruce Banner is far smarter than Drax, and in the MCU, merged Hulk beats Drax regarding intelligence every time. 

Points: Drax (0:5) Hulk


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Combat Skills 

Despite his limited intelligence, Hulk is a master combatant guided by his lethal instincts. His favorite weapon? His raw strength and fists. He is a perfect killing machine, guided by his base urges to destroy. The angrier Hulk gets, the more his instinct take over and the more damage he can do. 

In the MCU, it’s similar. Hulk doesn’t have formal training. He mostly relies on the fact that he can steamroll just about anything with his strength. His fighting style might not be graceful, but it gets the job done. 

Drax is not among the best fighters in the Marvel comics. However, he is a master of an alien martial art form called “Dwi Theet.” His latest incarnation also appears to be less of a combatant than the previous Drax. 

Drax, due to belonging to warrior culture, is a fairly proficient fighter highly skilled when it comes to knives and marksmanship. He is easily able to take on multiple combatants at the same time, often coming out of the duel victorious. Drax generally seems to lose only from the highest-ranking characters when it comes to power hierarchy, such as Ronan and Thanos. 

Everything considered, Drax gets the point here simply because of his MCU version that proved to be a more skilled fighter than Hulk, which seems to fight using his base instincts. 

Points: Drax (1:5) Hulk


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Drax vs. Hulk: Who is Stronger & Who Wins? 

Both comic and MCU versions of Hulk are physically stronger than Drax and would be able to win in a fight easily. Even in his merged form, Hulk would have no trouble facing Drax since Drax has a track record of losing against characters that are far weaker than Hulk. Hulk is stronger, faster, and more durable. He is also far more intelligent. 

The two have fought in the comics before, which leads some fans to think that Hulk and Drax are even in terms of strength and that Drax has a chance in this match-up. This is simply not true, as Drax is currently far weaker than the previous incarnation. Drax and Hulk were “even” in one fight when Drax faced Professor Hulk, the weakest version of the Hulk. He also ingested Power Stone beforehand, which drastically increased his damage output. 

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