‘Loki’ Season 2: What Was Sylvie Doing in the Elevator? Was She the One Who Pruned Loki?


Episode 1 of season 2 of ‘Loki’ featured a lot of developments that focused on how and why Mobius and the other TVA members weren’t able to recognize him. Loki’s time-slipping problem was the biggest issue in the episode, as he needed to find a way to stop this condition so that he and Mobius could work on whatever was wrong with the Sacred Timeline. When he was trying to solve his problem, he saw a ringing phone, and Sylvie was stuck in an elevator behind it. So, what was Sylvie doing in the elevator?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sylvie was in the elevator, likely because this scene is from the future, and that Loki and her have reunited at some point.
  • There’s a good chance that Sylvie was involved in the pruning of Loki or that they were aware that he needed to be pruned to save him from getting lost in time.

Sylvie’s elevator scene explained

The first episode of season 2 of ‘Loki’ was such a revelation in the sense that we were able to make sense of what happened after the conclusion of season 1, wherein we saw Loki getting pushed into a Timedoor by Sylvie and ending up in a version of the TVA where not even Mobius recognized him.

Episode 1 of season 2 explained that Loki had actually been transported into the past and that he was suffering from a condition called time slipping, which caused him to slip between the past and the present uncontrollably. As such, he and the present-day Mobius sought the help of Ouroboros (nicknamed OB), who was the tech genius in charge of Repairs and Advancements in the TVA.

With OB’s help, Loki and Mobius found out how to solve the time-slipping issue, as Mobius needed to use the Temporal Aura Extractor on the Temporal Loom. Meanwhile, Loki needed to prune himself after using the Temporal Aura Extractor to be brought back to the present day.

The problem, however, was that time was of the essence because the Temporal Loom was overloading and the blast doors needed to be closed to prevent the Temporal Loom from damaging the TVA. As such, Loki and Mobius only had five minutes to stop Loki’s condition. But Loki suddenly time-slipped into the future, where he didn’t have a timestick that he could use to prune himself.


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Mobius did his part by using the Temporal Aura Extractor on the Temporal Loom. But Loki was seemingly in the future, where the blast doors had already been closed and where the members of the TVA were having some sort of a problem. While Loki was looking for a timestick, he heard a phone ringing as he all but lost hope and decided to approach the phone.

Suddenly, behind the phone, an elevator started opening. Sylvie could be seen using her brute strength to open it even though she was still stuck. The moment she saw Loki, she was happy to see him and even said, “There you are,” as if she was saying that she had been searching for him even though they parted on bad terms at the end of season 1. But before Loki could respond to Sylvie, someone pruned him, and he found himself back in the present timeline with his condition resolved.

Now, what most people are wondering is why Sylvie was in the elevator. In fact, we can even wonder why she was even in the TVA when the post-credit scene clearly showed that she used a Timedoor to get to 1980s Oklahoma.

This opens up the possibility that the Sylvie that Loki saw in the elevator was the Sylvie of that future and that they had previously patched things up before Loki got to that time period. After all, Sylvie was happy to see Loki after she opened the elevator doors. 


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Moreover, the people in the TVA were scrambling all over the place as if they were searching for someone or something. Near the end of the episode, we saw that General Dox sent a lot of hunters to hunt Sylvie down. As such, in the future, the hunters were likely looking for Sylvie in the TVA after finding out that she was there.

Did Sylvie prune Loki?

As mentioned, Loki was pruned right after he saw Sylvie inside the elevator. But we couldn’t see who pruned him or how he was pruned. Of course, it was clear that Sylvie, who had her hands full, wasn’t the one who pruned him. So, who was responsible for pruning Loki?

Sylvie likely had something to do with Loki’s pruning, but we aren’t sure what her involvement in the pruning was. But the ringing telephone is the most interesting part of that scene because Loki never answered the phone to check who was over at the other line.

This opens up the possibility that whoever pruned Loki knew he needed to be pruned or else he would get lost in time. As such, there’s a good chance that the person responsible for pruning him had direct knowledge of Loki’s condition and how to resolve it. This means that the one who pruned him might have been the future version of either him or Mobius, as they were the only other people who knew about his condition.

But there’s also a chance that the one who pruned Loki was an enemy, given that not all members of the TVA were friendly with him and Sylvie. As such, it might have been one of Dox’s men or even Dox herself who pruned Loki even though they weren’t aware of his condition. After all, pruning someone was almost like killing them as they were sent to the void.

So, if the person who pruned Loki had malicious intentions behind doing so, there’s a good chance it was Dox or someone associated with her. After all, they would have tried to prune Loki to prevent him from helping Sylvie, the person the hunters had been after since season 1.

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