‘Secret Invasion’: Is Pagon Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him

Secret Invasion Is Pagon Dead Heres What Happened to Him

Episode 5 of ‘Secret Invasion‘ was just released, and considering the themes of the show, it doesn’t surprise us that the closer we’re coming to the finale, the more betrayals and shocking turns there are. One of the most shocking turns in the series came when Gravik decided to use his Flora Colossus powers on Pagon, silencing him once and for all. Considering that Skrulls are no longer limited to only their biological abilities and that Skrull Power Replicator exists, we can’t help but wonder, is Pagon really dead?

Pagon is dead Gravik used his tree-like arm to impale him, leaving him practically dead on the spot, and while we don’t know whether Pagon used the Skrull Power Replicator on himself and gained Extremis abilities, he is most likely dead due to his usefulness to Gravik being over. The moment Pagon started questioning Gravik’s decision and their invasion’s direction, he was as good as gone.

Pagon distinguished himself as Gravik’s most loyal follower and close confidante. He planned some of the raids and ensured that Gravik’s command was unwavering, but the latest events drove Pagon to question everything he knew about Gravik and their mission. Now, let’s see what happened to Pagon and what events led to his death.

Pagon was, since the first episode, Gravik’s second-in-command.

We met Pagon back in episode 1 of ‘Secret Invasion.’ He distinguished himself as one of the most ruthless members of the Skrull Rebel group. He idolized Gravik in some ways, blindly following his ideology that humans and Fury, in particular, are to blame for every problem Skrulls have.

Pagon was often in charge of planning complex missions and often did Gravik’s dirty work. Pagon was the one who sent G’iah to acquire the dirt bomb, unknowingly putting her into contact with her father, which down the line proved to be catastrophic for everyone involved.

And when we say Pagon was also in charge of Gravik’s dirty work, we’re referencing the scene when Gravik orders Pagon to kill Brogan, a Skrull captured by FSB and later interrogated by Sonya Fallsworth. Brogan broke under torture and revealed some but not all information because he didn’t know them.


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After Gravik figured out that Brogan broke under pressure, he commanded Pagon to execute Brogan.

Pagon was okay with it. As I’ve said, he believed in the cause and was aware that some Skrulls would have to die on the way to achieve their true plan, the true Skrull takeover of Earth.

But, after Brogan was killed and G’iah was killed, Pagon started questioning some of Gravik’s decisions, and the event that led him to have such a sudden change of heart was the failed action in which Talos died; Ritson managed to escape, and Fury got to live yet again.

Why did Pagon question Gravik’s authority?

Everything started when Skrulls organized the action during which Raava, a Skrull disguised as Colonel Rhodes, was supposed “walk” President Ritson into an ambush orchestrated by the “Russians,” during which Ritson would be killed.

American President being assassinated by Russian forces would most certainly be a trigger for another World War, and this is basically what Gravik wants to do. He wants to sow chaos across the world so that humanity can wage war on itself, and when humans are weak enough, Skrulls swoop in and take over the planet.

The plan backfired, however. Fury figured out a long time ago that Rhodey wasn’t actually Rhodey but a Skrull. During his last visit to Rhodes, he managed to place a liquid tracker into his bourbon and figured out where the ambush was going to take place.

gravik stabs talos

Ritson was attacked by Skrulls disguised as Russians, and Talos and Fury interfered at the last moment, trying to protect the President. This eventually cost Talos his life, but Fury managed to secure the President and escape with his own life.

This was a major loss for Gravik and the rebel forces, and naturally, Pagon started to wonder just why Gravik let Talos go, especially since he had been warning Gravik that Fury was dangerous all along.

Why & how did Gravik kill Pagon?

As soon as they were back in New Skrullos, Gravik started lashing out at Pagon and the rest of the Skrulls. He blamed Gravik for the failure of the mission. President Ritson was still alive, and World War III was nowhere near being started. Gravik’s logic was that the mission failed because Pagon failed to steal the Harvest.

Pagon was visibly uncomfortable and wanted to defend himself. He told Gravik that he had given him the wrong locations of the Harvest and pointed out several catastrophic mistakes that Gravik had made in recent times.

Pagon in secret invasion

He told Varra to kill Fury, and everyone knew that Varra wouldn’t do it. He also spared Fury’s life once again during the attack on Ritson’s life. This pissed Gravik off, and he tried to explain that Fury has something that they need. Pagon then asked Gravik to explain himself in front of the entire Skrull Rebel population.

He told Gravik that Avengers DNA was nowhere to be found in the locations that Gravim told him, which means that Fury never trusted him in the first place. Obviously, the Skrulls are getting impatient with Gravik, and Pagon was merely the only one who dared voice his contempt and doubts.


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Pagon wondered out loud why Skrulls should trust Gravik, and at that moment, Gravik extended his Flora Colossus tree-like limb and impaled Pagon in the most brutal way.

Gravik killing Pagon

Pagon collapsed on the floor, presumably in a pool of blood, while the surrounding Skrulls watched in utter shock. Gravik warned them that this is what happens when you refuse to obey a direct order. He also told Skrulls that none of them has a voice. He basically told them they are expendable and unimportant and that their only goal was to serve him and the cause of Skrulls on Earth.

And this is pretty much what happened, Pagon died because he dared question Gravik’s authority, and Gravik’s act of killing him eventually triggered a small revolution in New Skrullos.

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