‘Secret Invasion:’ Is G’iah Dead? Did Gravik Kill Her?


Ever since the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it was clear that G’iah was going to be one of the most important characters in the storyline because she was Talos’ daughter and was the only Skrull that Talos had contact with in the inside of the Skrulls’ compound. In that regard, she was a traitor to Gravik, who knew that someone could have been feeding information to Nick Fury and Talos. That was when Gravik confronted and shot her in episode 3. So, is G’iah dead?

It is unlikely that G’iah is dead. That’s because we know that she is one of the most important characters in this fight against the Skrulls and in preventing them from causing the extinction of the human race. And we also saw in the ‘Secret Invasion’ trailer that she still has some scenes yet to appear.

Of course, it would be unwise to kill off such an important character quite early in the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion.’ We know that G’iah still has a lot of things left to do in this series because she is one of the few allies that Fury and Talos have. This fight is also personal to her because of what happened to her mother. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to G’iah in episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion.’

What happened to G’iah in episode 3?

The early part of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to learn that G’iah, Talos’ daughter, had joined up with Gravik’s people and is now a rebel that is looking to try to start up a Skrull revolution that could cause the extinction of the human race.

She was seemingly loyal to Gravik and more loyal to him than to his father. However, things changed when she learned that Gravik had caused the death of G’iah’s mother, Soren. Ever since she learned that one of Gravik’s attacks killed Soren, G’iah has been secretly working with Talos to learn more about what Gravik has been planning.

Of course, we know that they have corresponded with one another in secret and that G’iah has been telling secrets to Talos. In episode 3, Gravik seemed to know what G’iah was doing and trying to flush her out as a traitor to their cause. But he didn’t have any concrete evidence proving G’iah’s betrayal.


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Meanwhile, Nick Fury and Talos went on a mission to try to stop a submarine called Neptune from shooting down the UN delegation’s airplane. They went to Commodore Robert Fairbanks’ house because a fake version of him had taken his place and was working for Gravik.

After Fairbanks’ fake version ordered the submarine to shoot down the plane, Fury and Talos tried their best to convince him to stop the attack because this could plunge the planet into World War III.

Out of anger, when Fairbanks’ fake said that G’iah was a traitor, Talos killed him. They lost their only way of knowing the code that would stop the attack, and that was when Talos contacted G’iah to infiltrate the mind probes of the Skrulls so that she could get to the original Fairbanks’ memories and learn what his code word was. Afterward, G’iah had to flee the compound because she attacked a few Skrull guards to obtain her father’s information.

As she exited her motorcycle, she ran into Gravik, who was seemingly waiting for her. That was when Gravik revealed that, while the attack on the plane failed, he succeeded in flushing out the traitor as he understood that there could have been no way for Fury and Talos to learn the code without asking G’iah to infiltrate the mind probe.

Shortly after that, Gravik shot G’iah and left her for dead on the ground as she transformed back into her Skrull form.

Could G’iah still be alive?

Of course, one of the things that we know about the Skrulls is that they tend to stay in their disguised form unless they voluntarily return to their original forms. However, we also know that killing a Skrull would force them back to their original form. That happened when Talos killed Fairbanks’ fake, as he transformed into a Skrull. And from that scene, we know that a single bullet from a pistol is enough to kill a Skrull.

In that regard, when G’iah transformed back into her Skrull form and was lying on the ground unconscious, one would think that she died right then and there. That makes sense because Gravik would never have shot her if he didn’t think that she would die from that shot. But there’s actually more to this.

The ‘Secret Invasion’ trailer allowed us to see that G’iah is heavily involved in the entire storyline. In fact, in the trailer, there are scenes involving G’iah that we are yet to see in the first three episodes of this series. Of course, on the ‘Secret Invasion’ IMDB page, Emilia Clarke’s G’iah is set to appear in all six series episodes.

That would mean that G’iah could still be alive after getting shot by Gravik. While Skrulls can die from a gunshot, it is possible that they are still a lot more durable than humans and that a single gunshot wound won’t always be enough to kill a Skrull instantly.

That means there’s a good chance that G’iah could still be alive but is merely holding on to her life until someone finds her and brings her back to health.


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Of course, there’s also a chance that G’iah may have also secretly used the Super Skrull machine on herself to give her the same regenerative properties that Extremis has. We saw in episode 3 that Gravik had already used Extremis DNA to give himself regenerative powers.

And there’s a good chance that G’iah, one of the few who knows about the experiment, secretly used the Super Skrull machine to give herself the same regenerative powers.

We are only speculating here, but we are quite sure that she is still alive. Episode 4 should reveal whether or not G’iah survived getting shot. And if she does survive, episode 4 should also show us how she was able to survive a shot that would have killed humans and other Skrulls.

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