‘Secret Invasion’: Is Talos Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him


One of the things that we learned in episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion’ was that Talos was never going to join Gravik even though Gravik was doing everything he did for the sake of the Skrulls. In that regard, we learned more about Talos and his reasoning for not wanting to join Talos and going to war with Earth. He paid the price when he saved President Ritson in episode 4 and allowed Gravik to get to him. So, is Talos dead?

Talos is probably dead already because Gravik made sure of it by stabbing him in the heart. Nick Fury, of course, didn’t have a choice and could not grab the body of his fallen friend, leaving him for dead on the battlefield. As such, there’s a good chance that Talos died after getting stabbed by Gravik.

There’s a good chance that Talos’ death will ultimately be the guiding force behind G’iah’s convictions to finally put an end to Gravik’s plans. We know that G’iah betrayed Gravik upon learning that her mother’s death was caused by one of Gravik’s terrorist attacks. So, now that her father is dead, she has every reason to fight harder than ever. Now, let’s look at what happened to Talos.

Talos had his own ideals

Ever since we first met him in ‘Captain Marvel,’ Talos was some sort of a pacifist that wanted to talk things out first instead of trying to take things to a violent level.

In fact, it was when he tried to talk things out with Nick Fury and Carol Danvers that they were able to understand each other more. And after the events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ Fury and Talos became good friends that worked together to help keep Earth safe while Fury and Danvers tried to look for a home.

In that regard, this was also the very same reason why Talos didn’t want to go to war with Earth, as he believed that taking Earth for the Skrulls would never answer their problems.

He rejected Gravik’s offer so that he could side with Nick Fury, whom he was loyal to because of all the things they had gone through together. And we got to see more of what Talos believed in during the events of episode 4 of ‘Secret Invasion.’

During his meeting with his daughter G’iah, Talos revealed a very pacifistic approach to the Skrulls. He wanted to be the one to put a stop to Gravik’s plans so that he could use it as leverage against President Ritson so that he would allow the Skrulls to remain on Earth despite everything that Gravik did.

In short, he had gotten used to life on Earth that it seemed like searching for a home where the Skrulls could be themselves was no longer a dream that he wanted to happen.

In fact, when Gravik and the Skrulls decided to ambush President Ritson, Fury and Talos worked together to try to save the POTUS. Ritson was stuck inside a flipped-over car, and that was when Talos worked hard to try to get him out.

While they aren’t exactly the strongest aliens, Skrulls are stronger than humans. And that was what allowed Talos to use his bare hands to break the windows of the president’s vehicle.


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Of course, Gravik’s men attacked and wounded Talos. This forced him to let go of his disguise as he slowly returned to his default Skrull appearance. The US forces tried to kill him for being an alien, only for Fury to tell them he was with them. And Talos, injured and all, worked his butt off to try to break the window so that Fury could pull the president out of the car.

In that regard, Gravik’s convictions were true. He was loyal to the humans because he knew they were only there due to the graciousness of their hosts. And he showed how grateful he was for having a planet he could reside in by saving President Ritson and putting himself in harm’s way.

Gravik murdered Talos in cold blood

Gravik saw what Talos was trying to do when breaking the president out of that vehicle. He understood what was at stake, so he tried to shoot him down while still breaking the window. Talos suffered a serious wound due to getting shot, but he still had the strength to break the window and allow Fury to rescue the president.

While Fury was taking the president to his vehicle, a US soldier helped Talos out. But Fury quickly noticed something wrong, and that was when he ordered the soldier to put his friend down before shooting him. That was when the soldier transformed back into Gravik, as he could find a way to impersonate a soldier while a huge battle was going on.

Gravik didn’t waste time and stabbed Talos in the heart, presumably killing the former Skrull general. It was clear that Gravik showed no mercy right then and there when he decided to take matters into his own hands and kill the Skrull that had been a foil to his plans from the very beginning.

Fury had no choice but to leave the corpse of his fallen friend behind because he needed to secure the president first. He drove away with an unconscious Ritson in his car as Gravik also escaped the premises. Meanwhile, Talos’ body was left lying on the ground. There was no one there to check whether or not he was still alive, and that means that the conclusion is that he might have died right then and there.


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Talos’ death could be the last straw for G’iah because she had just lost the only family she had left. While she previously had doubts about her father’s convictions, she no longer has any reason to hold back in the fight against Gravik, especially after he took her father’s life. As such, Talos’ death could motivate G’iah to end Gravik’s operation once and for all.

Of course, Talos could still be alive. That’s because the IMDb page of ‘Secret Invasion’ says that Ben Mendelsohn will appear in all six episodes. As such, if he survived that stab from Gravik, it is possible that his daughter would be the one to find him and nurse him back to health.

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