‘Secret Invasion’: What Is the Meaning of the Gun That Varra Pulled from the Safe?

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One of the things that we learned in ‘Secret Invasion’ episode 2 is that Nick Fury was married to a Skrull the entire time. In episode 3, we learned that this Skrull was Varra, the same Skrull that introduced Gravik to Fury in 1997. Then, at the end of episode 3, Varra is kind of suspicious when she leaves the house and travels to a secured facility with a safe with a gun in it. So, what does the gun that Varra pulled from the safe mean?

The gun that Varra pulled from the safe might be the gun that she used to use when she was still working with and for Nick Fury as a covert asset. It is possible that putting the gun in the safe was her symbolic way of leaving that life behind after she settled into a life of marriage with Nick Fury.

There’s a good chance that Varra believes that things have become quite personal regarding Gravik and the things he has been doing. Of course, Varra might feel responsible for Gravik’s actions, so she returned to action. Pulling the gun from the safe might be a symbolic way of saying that she wants back in and is ready to take matters into her own hands.

Varra might have left her past behind

Even though we always knew that Nick Fury was a secretive person with a mysterious past, more things were revealed about him during the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ As Tony Stark once said, Fury’s secrets have secrets. And he wasn’t exaggerating about that because we learned that Nick Fury had a secret wife with a secret persona.

varra and fury

That’s because Fury’s wife, Priscilla Fury, was actually a Skrull named Varra. Of course, Fury knows that his wife is a Skrull, as this was shown during the earlier part of episode 3 when a flashback of 1998 showed them meeting in a café. And we also know that the Skrulls that Fury recruited in 1997, as Talos said, helped him rise through the ranks because they fed him secrets that no other person in the world could ever know.

In that regard, Varra was once a secret operative working for Nick Fury. She also said that she and the other Skrulls weren’t on the record, which means that Fury was the only one with access to the intel they were collecting. That was how Fury rose through the ranks and became the director of SHIELD after starting out as a field agent.


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In the final scenes of episode 3, Varra is seen suspiciously leaving her house to get to a facility with many secret lockers or safes. She pulled out a box containing a simple pistol that didn’t look special. But she might have had moments with this pistol while feeding Fury intel years ago.

As such, Varra might have been a spy for Fury during the first few years of her life on Earth. Eventually, she and Fury got married. It was probably her married life and the fact that Fury had reached the pinnacle of success in SHIELD that convinced her to hang her boots up and live the life of a normal wife.

It is possible that the gun she used back when she was still a secret agent was the same one she deposited in a secured safe.

The fact that Varra kept the gun hidden in a safe may have been a symbolic way of saying she had already moved on from that part of her life. She might have decided long ago to live the life of a housewife, and by keeping her gun in a safe, she was saying symbolically that she was no longer the person she used to be and that she had decided to live life as a human. Of course, we could be wrong. 

Varra has decided to take action

During the episode, Varra’s allegiance was actually in question. Nick Fury asked her if she was still communicating with Gravik. This makes sense because she was the very same Skrull that introduced Gravik to Fury in 1997.

It is possible that Varra played the role of a guardian or a mother figure to a young Gravik after he came to Earth, and that is why she may have still been communicating with him.

Near the end of the episode, Varra looked at her phone and suddenly bolted out of her home to go to the safe where her gun was hidden. After taking the gun out of the box, her phone vibrated because someone was calling.

This was obviously one of Gravik’s men because Varra demanded that person allow her to speak directly to Gravik.

varra phone

So, the fact that Varra took the gun out of the safe and communicated with one of Gravik’s men might suggest that she had decided to take action after years of staying away from the game.

To some extent, she might feel responsible for what Gravik has been doing because she might have been a mentor to him. As such, the fact that Gravik was doing all these crazy things might have convinced her to take action.


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We don’t know what kind of action Varra plans to take because we aren’t even sure why she took the gun out or tried to talk to Gravik. But it is more than likely that she will take action, especially with her husband’s life on the line.

And there’s a good chance she wanted to talk to Gravik to convince him to stop what he was doing or join his group as a spy.

Of course, there’s a good chance that Varra’s allegiance is still with her husband. After all, in the trailer, we can see a quick shot of G’iah working alongside a woman that resembles Varra. We couldn’t really see who this woman in the trailer was, but she certainly has the same hair that Varra has, and that’s why we believe that Varra could end up working with G’iah at one point in the future. And we know that G’iah has decided to side with her father.

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