‘Secret Invasion’: How Did Nick Fury Get the Avengers’ DNA?

the harvest

If there’s one thing that has always been true about Gravik during the events of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it was that he always had a bigger role in mind in his attempt to take Earth over. We know he has a machine that could give him and his Skrulls superpowers. But we know he has something more important in mind: the Avengers’ DNA that Nick Fury collected. So, how did Nick Fury get the Avengers’ DNA?

Nick Fury collected the Avengers’ DNA after they all shed blood during the Battle of Earth. In the aftermath of Thanos’ defeat, he ordered Gravik and a few Skrulls to collect the samples shed on the battlefield. After that, Fury kept the DNA samples hidden from the Skrulls, including Gravik.

Of course, because Fury was always one step ahead of everyone, he had a really good reason for collecting the DNA of the Avengers. But while that may be true, he didn’t anticipate Gravik turning on the entire planet and staging an invasion that he was banking on the DNA that Fury collected. That is why Fury believes that this is personal to him. So, with that said, let’s look at how Fury collected the DNA of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Fury collected them after Thanos’ defeat

Ever since the earlier part of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it was clear that Gravik wanted something that he believed could shift the balance of power to the favor of the Skrulls in their effort to take over the entire planet from humanity.

While his plan still hinged on a war between the US and Russia breaking out so that it would be easier for him to take over a destabilized world, he still needed his Skrulls to become stronger because they knew that the Avengers and any other hero would try to stop them.

super skrull machine

In that regard, he created a machine that allowed them to become Super Skrulls by giving them the DNA of different aliens and creatures with special abilities. Of course, we know that he already has the DNA samples of Cull Obsidian, Groot, Extremis, and the Frost Beast. But Gravik still knew that this wouldn’t be enough for him to truly defeat the heroes of Earth.

That was when Gravik revealed that Fury collected the DNA of the Avengers and that this DNA sample was called the Harvest. Gravik wanted the Harvest because this was going to be the thing that would allow the Skrulls to become powerful enough to take on the entire planet and the Avengers. Of course, this was one of the reasons why Fury was so important to Gravik, as he was the only one who knew the location of the Harvest.


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While Fury was on his way to the secret location of the Harvest with Sonya Falsworth, he revealed that he could collect the DNA samples from the Avengers after the events of the Battle of Earth.

For those who may not know, the Battle of Earth was the decisive battle involving the Avengers and their allies against the forces of Thanos. This was a very tough battle involving many deaths on both sides. Of course, the Avengers also got their fair share of injuries in this battle. Fury revealed that almost all of the Avengers shed blood in that battle.

battle of earth

In the aftermath of Tony Stark’s sacrifice, Fury ordered the Skrulls to sneak into the ruins of the former Avengers HQ to collect the blood samples of the Avengers. The one tasked to lead the Skrulls in that job was none other than Gravik.

As Fury said, Gravik must have gotten the idea of building the Super Skrull machine because he was in charge of collecting the DNA samples of the Avengers after the Battle of Earth.

Fury also revealed that this was a very personal battle to him because he was the one who knew the location of the Harvest. Of course, in a way, he made a mistake when he collected the DNA samples of the Avengers without knowing that Gravik would eventually lead an uprising against humanity. And as he told Falsworth, this was why he came down to Earth from SABER.

Why did Fury collect the Avengers’ DNA?

Nick Fury’s greatest asset was always his ability to think ahead and stay several steps in front of his enemies. He always tried to find a way to have a countermove to every countermove his opponents had. And that was probably why he decided to collect the DNA of the Avengers.

After returning from the Blip, Fury was never the same because Thanos was an entity he never planned for. He felt helpless the entire time because he understood that Thanos was an entirely different opponent he didn’t have a chance to plan for ahead of time. And that was why he became a changed man after returning from the Blip.

Of course, Fury knows that Earth lost a lot of good people and heroes to the Snap. He wasn’t willing to gamble with the chances of losing more heroes in the future, especially if something as powerful as Thanos would come and take away the planet’s security blanket. And that was most likely why he decided to collect the DNA samples of the Avengers for safekeeping and as a security measure for the future.


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With how things have been going in the MCU, it wouldn’t be too odd for someone to eventually develop the ability to clone people. So, if Fury had the DNA of the Avengers, he still had a backup in case one of the Avengers died or disappeared once more, just like what happened during the Snap.

So, in a way, Fury must have collected the DNA to ensure he would never feel helpless against an unstoppable force again. If anything like the Snap would happen once more, at least he had the Avengers’ DNA stored for safekeeping in case someone could clone another person from their DNA samples.

But Fury didn’t entirely prepare for Gravik and his Skrulls turning on him and the entire planet. Of course, in a way, he may have also thought about the possibility of something like this happening even though he probably didn’t think that Gravik himself was going to be the one to betray him. And that was why he kept the Harvest hidden in a place that only he was familiar with.

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