‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: More Twists and Turns Uncovered!

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Welcome to Recap & Ending Explained for the fourth episode of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ titled “Beloved.” In the last week’s episode, we uncovered more about Gravik’s master plan as he plans to use his machine to turn his rebel Skrulls into Super-Skrulls to conquer the Earth. Nick Fury and Talos team up to prevent his attack on a plane carrying the UN Delegation.

Although they succeed, it turns out the whole operation was Gravik’s plan to expose G’iah as the traitor. In the end, Gravik shoots G’iah in the chest and leaves her for dead. Meanwhile, Nick Fury’s Skrull wife, Varra, who adopted the Earth name, Priscilla, calls an unknown figure and tells him she wants to speak with Gravik, but the unknown person on the other side of the line tells her she’ll talk only to him.

Who was talking Priscilla to?

After the last week’s recap, the fourth episode brings us to the scene where Gravik shoots G’iah and leaves her. However, it is revealed now that G’iah used Gravik’s machine to turn herself into a Super-Skrull with regenerating powers. After Gravik left her, she quickly healed from the gunshot wound and left the scene.

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After the opening credits, we are taken back to 2012’s Paris, apparently not long after The Avengers first assembled in the Battle of New York against Loki. In Paris, Fury meets Varra, and it’s shown how this might’ve been the first sign of them falling in love, although we know from previous episodes they’ve known each other since the mid-90s.

Back in the present day, we see Varra (or Priscilla) meeting that unknown person she talked with at the end of the last episode. And it’s none other than James Rhodes himself. Rhodes admits that he’s the one who got Fury fired, and it is also revealed that he was in close contact with Gravik all along.

Rhodes tasks Priscilla to kill Fury, saying that one person from their house won’t leave it alive, and she can either get it done or flip a coin.

Rhodes doesn’t know that Fury is listening to the entire conversation from the house. In the meantime, Gravik and his group of rebel Skrulls arrive in England with their next plan, while G’iah meets with her father, Talos. Although G’iah says that she’s on her father’s side, she calls him delusional for believing that humans and Skrulls could co-exist on Earth.


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Priscilla comes back home, where Fury is waiting for her. Having guns placed on the table, they have a conversation that takes them back to that night in Paris in 2012. They open fire at each other simultaneously, but they both miss and hit the walls behind them. Fury jokes that he’s unsure if this means they ought to divorce or renew their vows. Priscilla tells him she can care for herself, and Fury leaves.

Even if we had doubts before this episode, we can be sure that Rhodes is a Skrull. Fury waits for him in his hotel suite and offers him an expensive bourbon. While not accusing him directly, Fury indirectly tells Rhodes that he knows his secret and asks him to get him his job back to keep it that way.

However, Rhodes makes a counteroffer by showing him video footage of Gravik, disguised as Fury, killing Maria Hill. Although Fury leaves, it’s revealed that the bourbon contains a liquid tracker.

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Rhodes arrives at the airfield to welcome the president of the USA, who came to England to negotiate with other world leaders after recent attacks that Gravik performed to spark an international conflict. While the president’s motorcade is on the road, Rhodes calls Gravik. Two seconds later, the whole road turns into a war zone.

Fury and Talos arrive at the scene to save the president, but Gravik also demonstrates his new powers as a Super-Skrull. With Talos’ help, Fury saves the president, but Gravik, disguised as a soldier, stabs Talos and kills him. Fury shoots Gravik twice, but Gravik just heels the same way G’iah did, and he flees the scene.

Is Talos really dead? What’s going to happen next?

This episode was the shortest of the series so far, but so many things happened in it regardless. We found out that Rhodes is indeed a Skrull, which was a fan theory even before the series premiered. The question remains unanswered for how long he was the Skrull. And where is the real Rhodey?

After Priscilla refuses to kill Fury as she was ordered, which may create additional problems for her and, therefore, even more problems for Nick Fury, we can’t be sure that Talos is really dead, but it surely looks that way for now.

The question is how will G’iah handle the loss of both of her parents now, and will she seek revenge against Gravik? Gravik doesn’t know that she survived their last encounter, so it’s going to be interesting to see how that will play out.


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Another important thing to highlight in this episode is the role of the US president. Honestly, we aren’t sure that he’s going to stay the president before the series concludes, and even if he does, his mandate will probably expire soon after.

Why are we saying that? Because we know that Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross will be the president of the USA in the upcoming MCU movie ‘Thunderbolts,’ which is set to premiere in December 2024.

Despite all of Fury and his allies’ attempts to foil his plans, Gravik is still going forward with his ultimate objective; to spark an international incident that would lead to World War 3 and, with it, the entire annihilation of the human race, which would only leave Skrulls a sole residents of planet Earth.

Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth didn’t appear in the fourth episode, but we bet she’s got more to say in the two episodes remaining.

The first four episodes of ‘Secret Invasion’ are now streaming on Disney+.

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