‘Secret Invasion’: What Happened to Skrulls in New Skrullos Following Gravik’s Defeat?


One of the things that we learned in the ‘Secret Invasion’ finale is that there was no all-out battle between Nick Fury’s men and the Skrulls loyal to Gravik. Instead, it involved a fight between the superpowered G’iah and Gravik. There were no other Skrulls around the entire episode except for the ones that Raava had in the hospital where President Ritson was at. So, what happened to the other Skrulls after Gravik’s defeat?

Gravik said he ordered the other Skrulls to vacate the New Skrullos compound. This was because he was still going to push through with the plan of making the US bomb the compound to start a war with Russia. As such, he ordered his people to vacate while leaving the kidnapped humans behind to die.

The fact that only Gravik and Raava died in the finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ means that there are still millions of Skrulls worldwide. Of course, the president is now wary of this, so he launched an all-out campaign to destroy the Skrulls. This forced all of them to go into hiding. Let’s look at where the Skrulls are after Gravik’s defeat.

Gravik had them vacate the compound

If there’s one thing we know about Gravik, it’s that he was a man with a plan. Throughout the events of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it seemed like he was one step ahead of Nick Fury, who was famous for being one step ahead of everyone else. That’s why it seemed like he had Fury cornered with his plan of forcing the US to bomb New Skrullos and start a war with Russia while forcing Fury to give him the Harvest.

At the start of the episode, it seemed like Fury was ready to hand the Harvest to Gravik as he made his way to the New Skrullos compound. However, instead of seeing several Skrulls that he thought would stop him from getting to Gravik, the entire place was empty except for the guards stationed at the gate. No one was there to greet him, as it was clear that there was no all-out war that was going to take place in this episode.

Of course, when Fury got to the Super Skrull machine, Gravik greeted him. He asked the villain about the entire place being a ghost town, to which Gravik said that he had ordered everyone else to leave. Of course, that was because he was still planning to push through with the bombing of New Skrullos.


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Fury thought that Gravik only used the bombing of the compound to push him to give him the Harvest. But it was clear that there was no way that Gravik would abandon his original plan of forcing the Americans to go to war with the Russians. As such, Gravik ordered his people to leave the compound so they wouldn’t get caught in the destruction of New Skrullos.

So, as big of a villain as Gravik may have been, he still cared enough about his people to tell them to leave. After all, he wouldn’t be able to take over the planet singlehandedly even if he had access to the Harvest. And he wouldn’t be a ruler without a people to rule over.

The fact that there were no other Skrulls around only made it easier for G’iah, disguised as Nick Fury the entire time, to go all-out in her fight with Gravik after they both obtained the powers that came with the Harvest. She defeated Gravik in a one-on-one fight, as the Skrull general didn’t have any other Skrull to back him up.

Meanwhile, Fury prevented fake Rhodey from convincing President Ritson that there was a need to go to war with the Russians. And while that may be true, Ritson still launched an all-out campaign against the Skrulls by declaring them enemies that needed to be annihilated from the face of the planet.

The Skrulls are now in hiding around the world

So, after G’iah defeated Gravik and Nick Fury prevented World War III from happening, the Skrulls were still in danger because the Americans were now out to eradicate them. While the ability to shapeshift helps them from getting discovered easily by humans, there were still Skrulls that were summarily killed by vigilantes that suspected certain people of being Skrulls.


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To that end, the Skrulls are now in hiding once more and are likely spread worldwide after they were forced to vacate New Skrullos. There are no other compounds that they can use as hideouts, which means that these Skrulls must have resumed their usual day-to-day roles in human society.

Of course, we know that more humans were taken and kidnapped by Skrulls. That’s because Sonya Falsworth discovered a huge compound containing humans kept in Fracking pods. This made it easier for them to pinpoint the Skrulls disguised as humans, as they already had the original versions in their custody.

It is possible that Falsworth’s next move is to gather all of the Skrulls and give them a place where they could stay and hide. That’s because she had already recruited G’iah, who is now the strongest Skrull in history, as an ally that would help her keep the planet safe in exchange for Falsworth to keep the Skrulls on Earth safe from Ritson’s crusade against the Skrulls.

As such, Falsworth may be set to take on the same role Nick Fury took on years ago when he allied himself with the Skrulls. This time, however, Falsworth told G’iah that their partnership would be a mutually beneficial one that doesn’t involve personal friendships, unlike the partnership between Fury and Talos. And with someone like G’iah protecting the Skrulls, it is possible that the outcome would be better this time around.

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