‘Secret Invasion’: What Is Extremis & Why It’s Important to Skrulls?


MCU television series is doing a great job of connecting the dots between the movies and the shows. ‘Secret Invasion‘ is not different, and it is clear that the rebel Skrulls are ready to use the knowledge and experiences humans developed or encountered over the years. Gravik and his followers are trying to enhance themselves using various alien DNA samples and also with the help of Extremis, a powerful substance whose capabilities we’ve already seen. So, let’s see what Extremis is and why it’s important to Skrulls.

As presented in the ‘Iron Man 3’ movie, Extremis is a product that can be described as a regenerative treatment that combines genetic modification and nanotechnology. Killian Aldrich and Dr. Maya Hanse created and used it for Killian’s Extremis Soldiers. Skrull Resistance obtained samples of it and plans to use the substance to enhance themselves.

Extremis showed great potential ever since Maya Hansen came up with it in 1999, but like with many other things, it is all about the intention and the way potentially dangerous things are used. Let’s see in more detail what we know about Extremis and what exactly will the Skrull rebels do with it.

Extremis was designed for a good cause initially but was later weaponized

The events of ‘Iron Man 3’ gave us a detailed explanation of what the Extremis was. Maya Hansen created it and presented it to Tony Stark in 1999 in Berm at a conference about clean energy. The whole idea around it showed great potential, but it was unstable, so Tony decided not to meddle with it.

Years later, Maya and Killian joined forces, bringing Extremis to another level. What was one only idea became a revolutionary treatment that rewrites the human genetic code and allows for enhanced physical abilities and rapid healing. Nevertheless, Pepper Pots, speaking on behalf of Stark Industries, wanted nothing to do with it, as she knew that it could be easily weaponized and knew how Tony felt about that sort of thing.

Pepper’s insinuations were right because Killian used Extremis and injected wounded veterans with it, and created supersoldiers out of them. The substance regrew their limbs and gave them powers and strength, making them unstable. Killian also used the Extremis on himself and injected it into Pepper by force. Luckily, Tony was able to cure Pepper afterward.


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What Extremis does to one’s body is that it enhances the host’s physiology and provides the host with regenerative abilities. The substance users also generate a vast amount of heat, which means that when the Extremis adjustment is unstable, that person becomes a ticking time bomb. Of course, for those who know how to control the substance and whose body accepts it, this is a very powerful tool and a weapon.

We know that regular Skrulls can shapeshift, which is their most valuable ability, but they do not have any superpowers. And that is what Gravik is trying to change. By harvesting various DNA samples from alien species, he intends to combine them with his kind and make Super-Skrulls. Extremis is also on his list of the Harvest, and after everything mentioned above, it is clear why.

The rebel Skrulls intend to use Extremis to alter their DNA and enhance their abilities

In the second episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we learn that Gravik and the other rebel Skrulls are about to build the machine which will enable them to combine their DNA with various DNA samples of other powerful species. That way, they would become immensely powerful and almost unstoppable.

Gravik does not operate alone and has help from Dr. Rosa Dalton and her husband. The spouses are working hard to run the machine at full capacity, but they need the Harvest. Gi’ah’s discovery at the computer led us to believe that, at this point, the Harvest refers to DNA samples of Groot, Frost Beasts of Jotunheim, and Cull Obsidian. These are all extremely powerful creatures whose powers and abilities would give the Skrulls a decent advantage in the upcoming war.

And as that wasn’t enough, the rebel Skrulls also possess Extremis, and its properties could be used for regeneration or as a heat weapon. Either way, if they combine the Extremis with the Skrull’s DNA, and everything points out that they will, Fury and Talos won’t have an easy job of stopping them.


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However, the rebel Skrulls are still pursuing the Harvest, and it seems like its location is unknown. For now, at least. We know for a fact that Gravik will use Groot’s DNA sample, which will grant him some of Groot’s abilities, but we are yet to see what will happen with the Extremis. Undoubtedly, the upcoming episodes of ‘Secret Invasion’ will provide an answer.

What do you think about Extremis, and how will the Skrulls use it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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