‘Secret Invasion’: Which DNA Samples Have the Skrulls Harvested?

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The storyline of ‘Secret Invasion’ became a lot more serious with episode 2 and its many different revelations. Of course, one of the things that we know is that Gravik and his Skrulls have an ace up their sleeve as they are looking to use a machine that could make them stronger through the DNA samples they have harvested since coming to Earth. These DNA samples could very well lead to the birth of the Super-Skrulls. So, which DNA samples have the Skrulls harvested?

As of this writing, Gi’ah discovered that the Skrulls have already harvested four DNA samples. These DNA samples belong to Groot, the Frost Beast of Jotunheim, Cull Obsidian, and the Extremis. There may be more DNA samples that are yet to be harvested by Dr. Rosa Dalton.

One of the things that we know about the events of ‘Secret Invasion’ is that Gravik understands that he and his Skrulls will find it difficult to invade Earth because of its armies and defenders. He prepared well enough by collecting DNA samples that the Skrulls could use to strengthen themselves. Now, let’s look at these DNA samples and where they came from.

DNA samples harvested

During episode 2, Gi’ah tailed one of the Skrulls that went into the laboratory of Dr. Rosa Dalton, who was working on the DNA samples that the Skrulls had collected. That was when Gi’ah realized that the Skrulls were up to something that she wasn’t aware of. As such, she decided to take a look at the samples that were on Dalton’s computer. It was then and there that we saw some of the samples that the Skrulls had already collected.


groot infinity war

The first sample that we saw on the computer was labeled Groot. This sample was collected from our friendly tree-like alien from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ From what we saw on the computer screen, the DNA sample harvested from Groot came from one of the roots he created during the fight against Thanos and his army sometime during the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Because Groot can detach the tree-like appendages he creates, the Skrulls collected samples of these at one point.


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Of course, one of the things that Groot can do is to grow and extend his tree-like limbs and use them as weapons. As such, the Skrulls are looking to take advantage of this power because we know that the biology of the Skrulls allows them to create inorganic and organic matter whenever they shapeshift. And we did see in the trailer that Gravik displayed the same power that Groot possesses.

Frost Beast

frost beast

The Frost Beast is one of the minor enemies we’ve seen in the storyline of the MCU. We first saw this creature in Jotunheim when Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three attacked Jotunheim after the Frost Giants sent a small force to Asgard during the events of the first ‘Thor’ movie.

That was when the Frost Giants summoned a gigantic Frost Beast from its slumber, and Thor easily defeated the creature. A smaller Frost Beast found itself on Earth when a portal from Jotunheim allowed it to enter the planet during the events of ‘Thor: The Dark World.’

Unknown forces may have killed this Frost Beast at some point. After that, the Skrulls probably used their influence to collect the DNA sample from this Frost Beast. We aren’t sure why the Skrulls want the Frost Beast’s DNA, but we know that this creature is strong, formidable, and immune to extremely cold temperatures.

Cull Obsidian


Cull Obsidian was the muscle of the Children of Thanos. He was the huge creature that went to New York together with Ebony Maw to collect the Time Stone from Doctor Strange during ‘Infinity War.’ Cull Obsidian fought Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Spider-Man in New York. However, Wong forced him inside one of his portals and cut off his arm by closing the portal when Cull Obsidian was about to re-enter the portal back to New York.

We saw in the events of episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion’ that the Skrulls had collected the same arm that Wong cut off. Although Cull Obsidian doesn’t have superpowers, we know that he is incredibly strong and was strong enough to give the Hulk Buster armor some trouble.

That’s why Cull Obsidian’s superhuman strength may be close to the level of the Hulk’s own strength, and this could be advantageous to the Skrulls as they can obtain the same superhuman strength.


Created by Aldrich Killian, Extremis is an advanced form of genetic manipulation developed using nanotechnology. This technology was supposedly created to help human beings regenerate lost limbs and heal from all sorts of physical and psychological damage, as Extremis allowed their bodies to use its metabolic capabilities to develop regenerative abilities while also making them stronger. Extremis is also capable of allowing the human body to generate extreme amounts of heat that they can expel from their bodies.

In that regard, the Skrulls must have collected a person that Extremis had modified after the events of ‘Iron Man 3.’ There were a lot of different people working under Killian that Extremis had modified, and it is possible that the Skrulls were able to capture one of them. The Skrulls are probably looking to use the regenerative abilities of Extremis to their advantage.

Will there be more DNA samples harvested?

So far, we only have four DNA samples confirmed to have been collected by the Skrulls. But there’s a good chance that more DNA samples would be harvested in the future, as this was something that episode 2 teased when one of the Skrulls got scolded by Dalton for failing to collect the “Harvest.”


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Dalton also said they didn’t have nearly enough DNA samples to work with, meaning she wants the Skrulls to collect more samples to finally complete their experiment. And we know that many different creatures have left their DNA samples on Earth, especially after the battles they fought against the Avengers and the other superheroes in the MCU.

As such, there’s a good chance that one of the DNA samples that the Skrulls are looking to harvest is incredibly powerful and strong enough to give the Skrulls the advantage they need against humanity and Earth’s mightiest heroes and defenders.

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