Will Captain Marvel Be in ‘Secret Invasion’? Here’s What We Think

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The entire storyline of ‘Secret Invasion’ may be personal to Nick Fury because he was the one that brought the Skrulls to Earth. But we also know that Captain Marvel was equally responsible for this mess because she was involved in the entire issue involving the Kree and the Skrulls during the events of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. So, does that mean that Captain Marvel will also be in ‘Secret Invasion?’

It is unlikely that Captain Marvel will be in ‘Secret Invasion’ because we know that she is likely dealing with something else that’s important in another world. That’s because we know that Carol Danvers was on a different planet when she accidentally switched places with Kamala Khan in the final scene of ‘Ms. Marvel.’

The entire MCU timeline can be quite confusing, but there’s a good chance that the events of ‘Ms. Marvel’ take place somewhere before or during the same time as the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ That means we know that Carol Danvers was not on Earth the entire time as she had to be busy somewhere else, as hinted by the ‘The Marvels’ trailer. Now, let’s look at what we know about the possibility of Captain Marvel appearing in ‘Secret Invasion.’

Captain Marvel’s whereabouts

One of the things that we know has been a mystery in the MCU is Carol Danvers’ whereabouts ever since the events of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. At the end of that film, we saw that she went to space to deal with the Kree after what they did to her and the Skrulls. She wanted to defeat the Supreme Intelligence herself, so she wasn’t around during the events that transpired on Earth from 1995 up to the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’


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Of course, she returned to Earth a few times, but she has been mostly missing because she may be dealing with many different threats and messes in different parts of the universe. As such, ever since the end of ‘Endgame,’ she has been mostly missing. That is why we aren’t even sure where she is during the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’

But we do know that she is somewhere fighting different aliens and threats in space. That’s because the final scene of the ‘Ms. Marvel’ series, which takes place somewhere between 2024 and 2025 or even right at the same time as the events of ‘Secret Invasion,’ allowed us to see Kamala Khan suddenly switching places with Carol Danvers when she used her powers.

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Then, in the trailers of the ‘Ms. Marvel’ movie, we saw that Kamala, Carol, and Monica Rambeau are somehow connected to each other such that they end up switching places with one another whenever they use their powers. In the trailer, we saw that Kamala ended up in an alien spaceship after she switched places with Carol. That means that Captain Marvel has been off-world since the’ Endgame events.’

Carol Danvers is equally responsible for the mess

Another thing that needs to be understood is that Carol Danvers is equally responsible for the mess involving the Skrulls on Earth. Nick Fury’s promise to the Skrulls involved a two-way relationship wherein they would use their shapeshifting powers to help keep Earth safe in exchange for Fury and Danvers finding a suitable home for them.

So, while Danvers probably never agreed to this plan in person, she is in on it because she also wanted to help the Skrulls find a new home after the Kree destroyed their old planet. And we know that Gravik and the other Skrulls only invaded Earth because they got tired of waiting for Nick Fury to fulfill his promise of helping them.

Of course, the Skrulls felt that Fury abandoned them when he went to space after ‘Endgame.’ Even Talos felt abandoned by his friend when Fury left Earth to oversee SABER and make up for his lack of foresight when Thanos attacked the planet in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ And the fact that Fury is yet to fulfill his end of the bargain was one of the reasons why the Skrulls are now taking things into their own hands.


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But what needs to be considered is that Danvers is also partly responsible. Out of all of the parties involved here, she is the only one capable of traveling from one planet to another in a heartbeat. She was also a part of the Kree Empire for a good part of her life, which means she is partly responsible for what the Kree did to the Skrulls. 

That’s why she is also responsible for the invasion of the Skrulls, as she failed to hold her end of the bargain in helping Fury find a suitable home for the Skrulls to inhabit. But for some reason, she is out in the galaxy doing other things we aren’t sure of. This may be answered in the events of ‘The Marvels.’

Captain Marvel is unlikely to appear

Even though we know that Captain Marvel is partly responsible for the mess that’s happening on Earth because she should have also held her end of the deal in finding a planet for the Skrulls, it is unlikely that she will appear in ‘Secret Invasion’ because we know that she is likely somewhere in space, as hinted by the final scene of ‘Ms. Marvel.’ As such, she might not appear in the series because she is too busy doing something else that’s important as well.

It is also worth mentioning that ‘Secret Invasion’ was always meant to be Nick Fury’s first solo story after he spent several movies playing a secondary role to the Avengers and the other heroes in the MCU. He even found a convenient reason for not wanting to involve the Avengers in ‘Secret Invasion’ as he fears that the Skrulls could duplicate them and make things more complicated.

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As such, the entire ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline is personal to Fury, and that means that there’s a good chance that the Avengers or even Captain Marvel won’t be in this series. Some members might appear, as we all know that James Rhodes has already appeared in the first two episodes. But allowing Danvers and a few other heroes to appear to help Fury will defeat the entire essence of this series as a personal solo story for the aging secret agent.

After all, bringing one of the strongest superheroes in the MCU to the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion’ won’t make the story compelling because she could simply run through the entire Skrull population in case a war finally breaks out. And that means there’s a good chance this will be a completely solo run for Fury and a few other allies that might help him along the way.

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