How Fast Is Aquaman? Compared To Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash


Out of all of the members of the Justice League, Aquaman seems to be the one who is usually unfairly judged by fans due to the fact that his powers are mostly water-based. But the thing that needs to be known about him is that he actually possesses incredible physical abilities, including superhuman speed. Yes, Aquaman is a lot faster than what most people think. So, just how fast is Aquaman?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Due to his Atlantean physiology, Aquaman has superhuman speed that’s levels higher than what regular humans can achieve.
  • Aquaman is also a lot faster than most Atlanteans as it is said that he is at most 50 times faster than regular Atlanteans.
  • However, while Aquaman is fast enough to keep up with the Flash whenever they are underwater, he isn’t nearly as fast as any other superhero whenever he is on the surface.

Aquaman is at his fastest underwater

When it comes to superheroes and how fast they are, we often look at the likes of Superman and the Flash. Of course, that’s because both of these characters were made to be exponentially faster than regular human beings. But while Superman and the Flash are the poster boys of speed in the world of DC, there are other superhumans who are also a lot faster than any ordinary human on the planet.

Aquaman, despite the fact that most fans often see him as a water-based superhero, actually has superhuman physical abilities. Yes, that means that Aquaman is actually quite fast and is a lot faster than any ordinary human being. This is due to the fact that he is a hybrid between a human being and an Atlantean.


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Atlanteans have physiologies that are superior to regular human beings due to the fact that they had to adapt to their underwater conditions. As such, they are stronger, faster, and more durable than regular humans. But Aquaman is several levels stronger, faster, and more durable than any other ordinary Atlantean. It is often said that his physical abilities are around 20 to 50 times stronger than most Atlanteans, making him the strongest of his kind.

In that regard, Arthur Curry is not only a superhuman compared to regular human beings but is also a super-Atlantean when compared to Atlanteans, who are already superhuman in comparison to regular people. This makes him one of the most physically gifted superheroes. By extension, Aquaman is also a lot faster than regular people and Atlanteans alike, even when he is on the surface.

Be it running or swimming, Aquaman is phenomenally faster than a lot of different superhumans despite the fact that he isn’t a speedster. Underwater, he is able to outrace a spy plane that’s flying just above the water, and this spy plane is said to be able to reach speeds of around Mach 5. This means that he is able to swim at supersonic speeds.

Arthur’s reflexes are also far superior compared to any ordinary human being or even to his fellow superhumans. He is able to move faster and quicker than any ordinary human being, and the comparison seems to be night and day due to how quick his reflexes are.

In the DCEU, Aquaman’s speed was given justice because it was clear that he was able to move faster than Batman and pin him to a wall before Bruce Wayne could even react to Arthur Curry’s movements. We know that Batman is at peak human levels in terms of speed despite the fact that he is an ordinary human being.


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Aquaman was also able to fight on par with Steppenwolf, who is actually quite fast despite not being a speedster. In their fight, Arthur was able to react fast enough to Steppenwolf’s attacks and was even able to parry many of his attacks. This happened before Aquaman was able to receive a power-up after getting his hands on the Trident of Atlan. 

In other words, Aquaman is actually quite fast, both in the comics and the movies. He may not be the fastest member of the Justice League, but he can move on par with some of the fastest characters, making him a physical specimen in his own right.

How does Aquaman compare to other superheroes?


Often regarded as the poster boy of superhuman physical abilities, Superman is so fast that he can move faster than a bullet and has even showcased the ability to move fast enough to rival the Flash’s speed. This means that he is one of the fastest non-speedsters in the world of DC.

The fact that Superman has speed that’s on par with the Flash’s speed means that Aquaman is nowhere near Superman’s speed levels. Of course, it can be argued that Aquaman may be faster than Superman whenever they are both underwater.

Wonder Woman

Out of all of the different members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is the closest comparison to Aquaman in terms of their physical attributes because their powers are seemingly close to their own patron gods (Hermes for Wonder Woman and Poseidon for Aquaman). However, there are accounts that suggest that Wonder Woman is faster, given the fact that she is capable of matching the Flash’s cruising speed.


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However, as seen in the portrayal of the Justice League in the DCEU, Aquaman is able to match Wonder Woman’s speed as they are seemingly the closest in terms of how fast they move and react. But based on what we’ve seen in Wonder Woman’s solo movies in the DCEU, she is probably a tad faster than Aquaman.

The Flash

Of course, undoubtedly, the fastest member of the Justice League is the Flash because speed is his main superpower. The Flash is able to reach speeds that exceed the speed of light, and that means that the only people capable of matching his speed are his fellow speedsters, despite the fact that both Superman and Wonder Woman are able to reach his lower speed levels.

The fact that the Flash is faster than Superman and Wonder Woman means that Aquaman is nowhere near his speed level. However, in the comics, it was shown that Aquaman’s speed underwater is faster than the Flash’s speed. That means that the only way for Aquaman to actually beat the Flash is for them to race underwater.

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