‘Secret Invasion’: What Did Gravik Want from Nick Fury?

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Episode 5 of ‘Secret Invasion’ showed Gravik returning to the Skrull compound as his men started showing their doubts about his leadership. Pagon even wondered why he didn’t kill Nick Fury despite having the chance to do so several times, and that was when he revealed that Fury was important to them and their chances of taking over the entire planet. So, what did Gravik want from Nick Fury?

Gravik needed Nick Fury because he was the only one who knew the location of the Harvest. Getting their hands on the Harvest was important to Gravik and the Skrulls because it contained the DNA samples of the Avengers. And Gravik needed that so that he and his Skrulls would have the powers of the Avengers.

As strong as Gravik and the other Skrulls may be, they aren’t strong enough to take on the planet and the Avengers. That’s why Gravik needs the Harvest to become even stronger, as his entire plan rests on the possibility of him and his men becoming stronger than anyone else. Let’s examine why Fury is so important to Gravik and the Skrulls.

The Harvest was important to Gravik

If there’s one thing we know about Gravik, it’s that he had everything planned out. The very success of his invasion relied on a two-prong assault. He wanted to destabilize the entire world by plunging it into World War III so that the two most powerful nations would be too busy killing each other and their allies.

Meanwhile, as the US, Russia, and the other powerful nations of the world were busy fighting one another, he and his Skrulls would come in and take over the entire planet while the world’s superpowers had become too weak and destabilized.

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In that regard, Gravik needed his Skrulls to become strong enough to take over the planet, especially with the Avengers still around to protect Earth. He employed Dr. Dalton to develop a machine that allowed the Skrulls to become superpowered using the DNA samples of different creatures, including Cull Obsidian and Groot. But there was still something missing because Gravik was aware that their current DNA samples wouldn’t be enough to allow them to take over the entire planet or beat the Avengers in an all-out war.

That was why the Harvest was so important to Gravik. The Harvest is basically the collection of all the DNA Nick Fury collected from the Avengers. Of course, he collected their DNA from the ruins of the Battle of Earth after Thanos was defeated. Fury ordered Gravik and a few other Skrulls to go to the battlefield to collect blood that the Avengers shed.

After that, Fury allowed his scientists to isolate the DNA samples of the Avengers and turned them into a single vial with every DNA of the Avengers that spilled blood during the events of the Battle of Earth.

This was the Harvest Gravik had been trying to get his hands on for a while. And he ordered Pagon to find the Harvest in many different locations worldwide, only for him to fail because Gravik didn’t know the exact location of the Harvest.


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Getting his hands on the Harvest is the most important step in Gravik’s plans because this would allow him and his Skrulls to gain the ultimate advantage over Earth and the Avengers. While they may already be strong enough to take on Earth’s armies, the Avengers are entirely different.

That means that Gravik knows he and his men don’t stand a chance against Earth’s mightiest heroes with whatever powers they have now. But if they had the powers of the Avengers, they would be able to gain the upper hand because every single Skrull would have the abilities of all of the Avengers that spilled blood in the Battle of Earth.

Only Nick Fury knew where the Harvest was

Throughout the events of ‘Secret Invasion,’ there were a lot of moments wherein Gravik had a chance to kill Nick Fury. He saw him in Russia in episode 1 but decided to kill Maria Hill instead of Fury. When Gravik attacked the president’s convoy, Fury was also there but never actually tried to take him out. Instead, Gravik was more concerned with taking Talos out instead of Fury.

The very reason why Gravik didn’t even try to kill Nick Fury was the fact that he knew where the Harvest was. Fury was the only one who knew where the Harvest was because he moved its location after Gravik and the other Skrulls were able to collect the DNA samples of the Avengers for Fury.

While Fury may not have predicated Gravik betraying him, he still understood that something as important as the DNA of the Avengers needed to be kept hidden from everyone for the safety of the entire planet.

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In that regard, Fury decided to hide the Harvest and kept it safe in Finland in a cemetery far away from the eyes of the Skrulls or anyone who might have the idea of using the Avengers’ DNA for their own benefit.

That was why Gravik mostly only wanted to provoke Fury instead of actually killing him. He needed Fury alive because he was the only one who knew where the Harvest was. The fact that he even ordered Varra to kill Fury wasn’t a means to kill him but merely to provoke him or allow him to take out Varra, who Gravik never fully trusted.


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However, Gravik now has full leverage over Fury because he threatened to force the US to bomb Russia and spark World War III. In that regard, Fury has no choice but to give the Harvest to Gravik.

But while that may be true, there’s a good reason to believe that Fury has a plan up his sleeves because he didn’t seem too worried that he was about to give the most important vial on Earth to the most dangerous alien on the planet.

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