‘Secret Invasion’: Who Was Doctor Priscilla Davis & How She’s Connected to Fury’s Wife?

Secret Invasion Who Was Doctor Priscilla Davis How Shes Connected to Furys Wife

Episode 4 of ‘Secret Invasion‘ was just released, and we had an opportunity to learn more about the relationship between Nick Fury and his wife, Varra/Priscilla. We know that his wife was Skrull all this time, and he was aware of it, but what shocked us was the revelation that Varra had been working for Gravik all this time. Fury eventually figured it out, and the two had a heart-to-heart conversation about their long marriage, during which Fury asked Varra whose body she had taken. This was when Varra mentioned the name, Priscilla Davis. Let’s see who Priscilla Davis was and what was her connection to Varra, Fury’s wife. 

Doctor Priscilla Davis was a terminally sick woman suffering from congenital heart failure with only a few months left to live. Priscilla was aware that Varra was about to take her identity and her form, and she was okay with it as long as Varra kept her three promises. We know that Priscilla eventually did die, and Varra dutifully played the role of a daughter for Priscilla’s parents and wife to Nick Fury. 

Now that we’ve given you a short summary of what went down, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. We’ve never expected that Fury’s love life is any less complicated than his professional life, and once again, he proved us right. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Varra has been Skrull all along, but her motives weren’t as pure as we expected them to be 

We met Skrull Varra in episode 2 when she appeared in a short scene and greeted Fury in her human form. The fans immediately wondered whether Fury was even aware that she is a Skrull, and episode 3 cleared that up a bit. 

Varra was one of the earliest Skrull refugees on Earth. She was the one who introduced Gravik to Fury and one of the undercover Skrulls that was working for Fury in expanding his spy network all along. We also know that somewhere down the line, Varra and Fury supposedly fell in love, and she had taken someone’s identity to live legally on Earth. 

In that same episode, we can see Varra making plans over the phone, and she goes to retrieve the gun from a safe. 

Initially, we assumed that the gun was meant to kill Gravik, who complicated the lives of peaceful Skrulls on Earth, but as it turns out, Varra was never the “peaceful kind” as she had pretty long and impressive plans for Fury in the future. 


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In episode 4, titled ‘Beloved,’ we can see Varra and Skrull disguised as Colonel Rhodes making plans to take down Fury. Varra is reluctant to do so, but fake Rhodes threatens her with her own life. Fury found out about the plans because he planted a bug on Varra, and he overheard the whole conversation that took place in the church. 

It’s questionable how much of Fury’s marriage had been real

As soon as Varra returned to her house, she noticed Fury’s ring sitting in the bowl. This must have triggered some alarms in her head, but she seemingly calms down when he offers her some tea. 

The two have what seems to be a normal conversation until Fury reveals that marrying her was his biggest mistake ever and that his senses and instincts screamed for him to leave it alone and walk away, but he decided otherwise, which landed him in this hot mess.

Dr. Priscilla Davis

Varra did little to reassure him. She revealed that everything from her body to their meeting and marriage was planned, as Fury was considered an asset. Fury takes this calmly and says he would probably choose her all over again, despite knowing it was wrong and dangerous. 

The two then take a moment to settle their revelations and put their guns on the table. Fury asks that Varra tells him how she chose the body she is currently wearing, which originally belonged to Doctor Priscilla Davis. 

How are Priscilla Davis & Varra connected? 

Varra revealed that Doctor Priscilla Davis had a congenital heart defect but kept this fact a secret since she didn’t want her family worrying about her and mourning her prematurely. Varra was a regular visitor to her hospital room while undergoing treatment, and the two developed a close relationship. Although it’s questionable how much of that relationship was real regarding Varra. 

Varra revealed to Priscilla the true purpose of her “selfless” visitations. She revealed to Priscilla that she needed her body and her life. But why did Varra choose Priscilla? 

Varra chose Priscilla because she thought that her body and image could slip Fury’s defenses, and it was successful but stood as real proof that Varra was always planning to use Fury as an asset. 

She asked Doctor Davis whether she wanted to fall in love and whether she had her blessing to use her body and her identity. Something that Doctor Davis agreed to under three very specific conditions. 

Varra ultimately respected the wishes of the original Priscilla Davis 

Before she died and Varra was free to take over Priscilla’s identity, the dying Doctor asked three things.

First, she wanted to be buried at sea, which Varra expected. Second, she wanted Varra to continue being a daughter to her parents, which Varra also supposedly respected. The third wish was that she never hurt Fury, which is the one wish that Varra couldn’t ultimately respect. And it will become quite clear why. Fury then quoted a line from the book that Varra used to read, and the two attempted to shoot each other, but both intentionally missed. 

Fury intentional missing his shot


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Did Varra keep her promise not to hurt Fury? 

Varra ultimately kept every single promise to Doctor Davis except the one about hurting Fury. Even if she didn’t hurt him physically, she hurt him by basically staging their entire marriage and planning to use him as an asset. She faked everything, including supposedly her affection for him, at least in the beginning, and then, she betrayed him and planned on killing him once he was no longer useful to Skrulls. 

So what do you think about Varra’s character arc? Let us know in the comments below!

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