‘Secret Invasion’: What Is Flora Colossus and How It’s Connected to Super-Skrulls?

Secret Invasion What Is Flora Colossus and How Its Connected to Super Skrulls

Ever since the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion‘ aired, we knew that Gravik was building a machine that would be able to replicate and imprint superpowers into Skrulls, making them into an advanced form of a Skrull, a Super-Skrull. To do that, Gravik had to have the source of superpowers, and the best way to approach this is to acquire the DNA of species that are known to have “superpowers.” Gravik so far collected the DNA of Extremis, Frost Beasts of Jotunheim, Cull Obsidian, and Flora Colossus, and the latter is what we will focus on. Let’s see what Flora Colossus is and how it’s connected to Super-Skrulls.

Flora Colossus is a name given to the Groot species, a humanoid tree-like aliens with special abilities to elongate their wooden limbs, forming indestructible weapons. Flora Colossi are famous for being extremely durable and strong and can practically mold their body into powerful forms due to the advanced growth they can undergo. Gravik gave himself Flora Colossus traits, so we’ve seen him impaling his enemies on powerful tree-like limbs.

Now that we’ve given you the summary, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Flora Colossus DNA is just one of many DNA that Gravik managed to collect

We know that creating Super-Skrulls was Gravik’s ultimate plan all along. He knew that Skrulls weren’t strong enough to deal with the combined forces of humans and the Avengers on their own. He had to have something special and enhanced. This is why he came upon a certain idea.

Skrulls cannot copy powers; they can assume the form of almost anything they want, but superpowers for them were always out of reach. Now Gravik employed Rosa Dalton, a scientist, to create a Skrull Superpower Replicator machine that would be able to induce superpowers in ordinary Skrulls by using the DNA of certain superpowered species.

skrull machine

Gravik always aimed to get his hands on Avengers DNA, but he had to settle for the second-best solution

Gravik always had ambitious goals and wanted to steal something called ‘ The Harvest.’ During the Battle of Earth, while the Avengers were fighting Thanos, many of them got injured, and their DNA was all over the place.

Fury was aware of this, and eventually, after everything settled down, he sent the Skrull collectors to track down that DNA and collect it, so it could be safeguarded at various locations known only to him. Falling into the wrong hands, such as Gravik’s, the DNA of Avengers could pose extreme danger to humanity.


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Gravik wanted the DNA of the Avengers because they were the most powerful beings on Earth at the moment. Imagine Gravik empowered by Captain Marvel’s or Thor’s DNA. He would be impossible to deal with.

But as it turns out, as Pagon pointed out, Fury never trusted Gravik fully, so he never revealed the true locations of The Harvest. Gravik, so far, wasn’t able to get his hands on Avenger DNA. But, there were plenty of other DNA samples lying around that Fury either didn’t think about or he simply underestimated how dangerous those DNA samples could be.

So far, Gravik has collected the DNA samples of Extremis, Cull Obsidian Frost Beasts of Jotunheim, and Flora Colossus. Gravik used the Skrull Superpower Replicator on himself, turning himself into a Super-Skrull and giving himself the powers of Extremis and Flora Colossus, and while we are familiar with Extremis, Frost Beasts, and Cull Obsidian, what is Flora Colossus?

super skrull machine

Flora Colossus is the name of the Groot species, and they are extremely powerful

Groot is, so far, the only known member of Flora Colossus in the MCU, and while Groot is an extremely likable character, his species is also extremely dangerous.

Flora Colossi are basically immortal. They are extremely strong due to being basically humanoid trees. They can regrow their limbs at will and even manipulate them to form tree-shaped weapons.

Flora Colossi are highly immune to most forms of damage, and even though we’ve seen Groot dying in the MCU, imagine what kind of explosion it had to be to kill him.

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Flora Colossi can manipulate their own size (remember Groot’s Kaiju form?) and trap their enemies with unbreakable vines they spawn from their bodies. This was seen while Adam Warlock was fighting Groot, he had trouble freeing himself from Groot’s deadly hold, and Adam Warlock is among the physically strongest characters in the MCU.

groot king

Groot’s species are incredibly bloodthirsty and violent, especially toward humans and other forms of life similar to mammals. This is just one of the reasons Groot decided to abandon Planet X, the homeworld of Flora Colossi and his birthplace. Groot was always a lot kinder than the rest of his species which allowed him to form a special bond with Rocket. The two remained friends ever since, even though the original Groot technically died, and a new one grew out of the sapling left over from the old Groot.

Gravik induced Flora Colossus superpowers in himself, but so far, we’ve only managed to see the ability to transform his arms into branches, elongating them and impaling his enemies.

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We’re not sure that Gravik can turn himself into a tree completely or that he is immune to damage to the same extent that Groot is (this is why he enhanced himself with Extremis). We’re also not sure whether Gravik is able to manipulate his own size just like Groot can, entering the Kaiju form. But so far, Groot Gravik seems extremely dangerous.

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