‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Commodore Robert Fairbanks?


Secret Invasionepisode 3 was just released, and we’ve seen that the world was on the brink of World War III because of Gravik’s plan to take over Earth. Gravik planned on launching a missile on a plane carrying the UN Delegation via British Submarine called Neptune, and to do that, he had to have someone pretty high in the ranks who would have access to launch codes. This person turned out to be Commodore Robert Fairbanks, so let’s explore his character in a bit more detail. 

Rober Fairbanks was a Commodore of the British submarine ‘Neptune.’ At some point in his career, he was replaced by a Skrull operative. Talos ultimately killed the Skrull posing as Fairbanks while the real Robert Fairbanks is still held within a Fracking Pod. He is, at the moment, still alive. G’iah used the memories of the real Robert Fairbanks to gain access to launch termination codes and stop the attack from ever taking place, ultimately costing her life. 

Now that we’ve brought you the answer to the original question, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Gravik’s takeover includes plenty of high-ranking officials 

In episode 1 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we’ve learned that in Fury’s absence, Gravik took over the Skrull Council and started the invasion that is supposed to leave Skrulls as the only inhabitants of the Earth. They are sick and tired of waiting for Fury and Captain Marvel to provide them with a planet, especially after Fury used Skrulls for 30 years to advance his own career.

Now for some nonsensical and irrational reasons, Gravik thinks that he has a claim on Earth, claiming that humans are barbaric and murderers, and will eventually bring each other to extinction, and oh, he is currently the only one acting barbaric and, in fact, killing both humans and Skrulls. 


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But this is a topic for another kind of discussion. So, Gravik plans on taking over the Earth, and due to their shapeshifting abilities, he has everything he needs to succeed in his global plan. Launching war on an entire human race means he needs to have the military on his side, which is why he ensured that Skrulls infiltrated the highest ranks possible. 

In episode 2, we’ve seen that members of the Skrull council are posing as powerful politicians, such as the prime minister of the UK and commander of NATO. 

World War III starts with an attack on UN Delegation

In the third episode, Gravik planned to launch an attack on UN Delegation, being transported by plane. Such as highly aggressive attack would mean the start of World War III. At the beginning of the episode, we’ve seen Pagon handing out various crew files to Skrulls so that they can take their places on the submarine.

G’iah privately contacted Talos just before he was about to have a meeting with Gravik and told him that the next target of Gravik’s plan was UN Delegation that would be struck down by a missile launched from the British submarine called ‘Neptune.’ 

Talos and Fury started an investigation as soon as possible and contacted secret agent Sonya Falsworth.

She refused to take place in their efforts but gave them a pretty good lead on who could have been infiltrated by the Skrulls regarding the chain of command of Neptune. It was Commodore called Robert Fairbanks. 

As Commodore, Fairbanks had access to missile launch codes as he was well above the submarine captain. 

Skrull Fairbanks is dead, but the real Robert Fairbanks is still kept in the Fracking Pod 

The next step for Fury and Talos was to locate Fairbanks. They managed to gain access to his estate, which was mostly surrounded by both Skrull and human guards. Skrull Fairbanks was just stepping outside for some air when Fury and Talos infiltrated his house. 

In a turn of events, Skrull Fairbanks captured Talos and held him at gunpoint until Fury realized that Fairbanks had a teenage son living with him. Fury used his son as a bargaining chip, and the tides have turned. Fairbanks’ son was also impersonated by a Skrull. 

Even after Fairbanks was bound, he refused to give them launch termination codes. Skrull Fairbanks told Talos that he was a traitor and a coward and that his actions were the reason why Gravik took command as Skrull General. Talos offered protection to Skrull Fairbanks, to which Skrull Fairbanks spat out that he couldn’t even protect his own, much less him. 

This brings us to question how many Skrulls follow Gravik because they believe in the cause and how many of them are simply afraid of Gravik and his ruthless tactics. Gravik is a very bloodthirsty individual, and now that he started turning himself into a Super-Skrull, he’s about to get even worse. 

Eventually, Talos’ patience has run out, and he decides to kill the fake Robert Fairbanks, his body changing upon death, taking the form of a Skrull.

At the same time, the real Robert Fairbanks was still held at the New Skrullos complex in a Fracking Pod. 


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G’iah used Fairbanks’ memories to uncover the launch termination password 

Back at the New Skrullos, G’iah was contacted by Talos, who told her he needs the launch termination code since, without it, they can’t stop the missile attack from taking place, and the only person who knows the code should be the real Commode. G’iah made her way to the Fracking Pods, where the real Fairbanks was being held. She gained access to his memories and projected them onto a screen. It was mostly related to soccer and his own son.

It didn’t take long until G’iah figured out the password, and the attack could be called off. Real Robert Fairbanks will most likely be kept alive for quite some time since his use is not over. They can always stage another attack or use him as a fall guy if their plans are uncovered. 

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