‘Secret Invasion:’ Who Called Nick Fury’s Wife?


The third episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to see more twists and turns in the most compelling Marvel Studios series we’ve seen recently. In that episode, we learned more about Varra, who goes by the name Priscilla Fury after marrying Nick Fury. This Skrull, however, was seen acting suspiciously toward the end of the episode when she went to a safe to get her gun while a person was on the phone with her. So, who called Nick Fury’s wife?

It is possible that the person that called Varra was Pagon, who has been acting as Gravik’s second-in-command in the Skrull resistance. On the phone, Varra told this mysterious person that she wanted to speak to Gravik, only for the person on the other end to tell her he was talking to her.

Out of all the people we’ve seen working under Gravik, it seems like Pagon is the one with the highest authority other than the Skrull general himself. That means that there’s a good chance that he was the one who contacted Varra because he had enough authority to screen all of the people that wanted to talk to their leader. Now, let’s look at what we know about the mysterious man on the phone.

Varra wanted to speak to Gravik

A lot of things happened in episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ especially now that we know who Nick Fury’s wife really is. In fact, we saw that Fury’s wife was the same Skrull that introduced Gravik to him in 1997. Then, in 1998, they met once more and eventually fell in love before they got married.

And while we know that they are married, Fury isn’t exactly sure whether or not he can trust his wife because he understands the kind of relationship that Varra has with Gravik.

As mentioned, Varra was the same Skrull that allowed Gravik to find a home on Earth. She introduced him to Nick Fury, which means there’s a good chance she acted as a mother figure to a young Gravik.

So, as episode 3 was ending, Varra was seen acting suspiciously after checking her phone, and when she left their home, and went to a facility that had secured safes. She opened her safe, which contained a pistol that could have a symbolic meaning. After that, Varra answered a phone call and requested to speak to Gravik, only for the other person on the line to tell her that he was the one she was going to have to talk to.

In other words, Varra wanted to contact Gravik. This may be about what Gravik has been planning and what Nick Fury has been doing to ensure that Gravik’s plans don’t come to fruition. And while we don’t know what Varra is looking to do or say to Gravik, it is clear that she is taking matters into her own hands because not even Fury is aware of what his wife has been doing.

The mystery man on the phone

As mentioned, Varra acted suspiciously when she went to a safe to get a gun that had been there for quite a long time. After that, she spoke to a man on the other end of the phone, demanding to talk to Gravik. But this person rejected her request and told her she would have to talk to him first.


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It is possible that the person that Varra was speaking to was none other than Pagon, who is a high-ranking member of the Skrull resistance. Ever since the first episode, it’s been clear that Pagon is the only other Skrull resistance member with the authority to issue commands. And that means that we know that he is possibly Gravik’s second-in-command.

The reason why we believe that this person could be Pagon is the fact that he is the only one who has the authority in the Skrull resistance to screen who gets to talk to Gravik. We all know that Gravik, as the Skrull general, is the most important Skrull in the resistance. And that means he has to have people watch his back and screen any person wanting to talk to him.

Another theory is that this person that Varra was talking to was not with the Skrull resistance. Instead, it could be someone who had the authority to give her the means to find Gravik and speak to him. We are talking about Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, who has been working as one of the advisers for President Ritson.

It is possible that Rhodes and the US Government now know where Gravik is after Nick Fury revealed in episode 2 that the people behind the terrorist attacks were Skrulls. As such, while Rhodes has no connection with Gravik, he may know where he is and how to reach him. And that is why it is possible that Varra reached out to him so that she could find a way to get to Gravik.

But there is also a theory that Rhodes is a Skrull and has been a Skrull for a while already. He might have been placed in the US Government to act as a secret spy for Gravik and the other Skrulls. Varra may know about this, and that’s why she reached out to him to find a way to get to Gravik.

Is Varra a traitor?

At this point, we know it is tough to trust any of the Skrulls other than Talos and G’iah. Even Nick Fury asked his wife whether or not she had been communicating with Gravik. And that means we can’t be sure what Varra’s motives are.


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The standing theory is that Varra acted like a mother figure to Gravik when he first came to Earth as a young boy. Considering that Varra married Fury, they must have adopted Gravik and raised him like their son. 

In that regard, the fact that Fury has been absent for a while already may have been what forced Gravik to rebel against his father figure. Varra even admitted that she was angry at her husband for wanting to disappear after he returned from the Blip. So, if Varra felt that way about her husband, Gravik may have also felt the same way but opted to take things to the extreme.

So, going back to our point, Varra may have been trying to reach out to Gravik to talk to him because she probably believes that she’s the only person in the world that could talk some sense into him. In the trailer, we saw a person resembling Varra fighting alongside G’iah, who we know is in league with the good guys.

As such, we do believe that Varra doesn’t plan on betraying her husband and is simply trying to take matters into her own hands by trying to talk things out with Gravik.

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