‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Director Derrik Weatherby & How Did Sonya Knew He Was a Skrull?

Secret Invasion Who Is Director Derek Weatherby How Did Sonya Knew He Was a Skrull

Ever since the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we knew that one of the biggest themes of the show would be paranoia. Skrulls can shapeshift, so it’s no wonder that they managed to infiltrate the highest political positions in society and secret services weren’t spared as well. One such Secret Service that got infiltrated was MI6 (SIS), but luckily Sonya Falsworth managed to resolve the situation in the most direct way possible by revealing that the Director of MI6 was a Skrull all along. Now let’s see who Derrik Weatherby is and how did Sonya know that he was a Skrull.

Derrik Weatherby was a director of MI6 who, somewhere down the line, got replaced by a Skrull in order to infiltrate the organization. Sonya started to suspect that Weatherby was a Skrull working for the Skrulls when he refused to listen to her warnings. Sonya eventually figured out for sure that Weatherby was a Skrull when her safe location was leaked to the Skrulls while she was interrupting brogan, and Derrik was, presumably, one of the few that knew about it.

Sonya is one complicated character, and it’s inevitable that she will play a major role in Fury’s fight against the Skrulls. Her takedown of Weatherby, however, was pure genius, so we decided to explore it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Weatherby was suspicious when he refused to listen to Sonya’s warning

We met Sonya Falsworth in the first episode of the ‘Secret Invasion’ when she kidnapped Fury in order to extract some information from him because, at that point, she was already suspicious about the Skrull activities. Sonya was a secret agent working for MI6, and she demonstrated that she was really good at what she does.

Fury was better, however, as he managed to plant a bug on Sonya’s owl statue, and through this, we can see Sonya’s earliest interactions with Weatherby.

According to Fury’s info, Sonya approached Weatherby, worried about the upcoming Skrull invasion, and Weatherby asked for proof. Sonya told him that her primary evidence was the fact that Fury was back on Earth, even though no one expected him to return after everything that happened after the Blip.

Hill listens to Sonya

Now it would be far-fetched to assume that Weatherby was a Skrull from that single interaction. As a director of the Secret Service, Derrik needed to operate on more than hearsay and rumors, and he couldn’t go to his own bosses with something so serious without solid proof.

Still, it was enough to raise the alarm with Sonya. Weatherby eventually agreed to send a raid to Vasily Poprishchin’s residence, where the dirty bomb was exchanged, and this was even a weirder decision as the Secret Service could have used the opportunity to simply follow Skrulls to their hideout.


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Sonya figured out that Weatherby was Skrull when her location got leaked to Skrulls

Sonya’s first solid proof was that her interrogation of Skrull Brogan was interrupted by other Skrulls. Sonya took over the captured Skrull from the FSB commander and started interrogating him about their plans, the machine that Gravik was building, and the Harvest.

The interrogation was interrupted, and Sonya was forced to leave the butcher shop in a hurry because her location got leaked. Now, since Sonya was pretty high up the chain of command, we can only assume that only a few people would have information related to her interrogation locations, and one of them was certainly Weatherby, who was her boss.

It’s possible that Sonya used her brilliant interrogation techniques to rule out other suspects, as she was correct in doubting Derrik all along.

When the whole incident with the submarine ‘Neptune’ went down, Fury contacted Sonya for more information and possibly help. He revealed to her that Skrulls had already infiltrated the president’s office. Sonya, unfortunately, couldn’t help too much. She confessed that she was dealing with infiltration and holding Weatherby’s secret file in her hands, looking through the photos that prove he was in contact with other confirmed Skrulls. So, Sonya knew that Weatherby was a Skrull as early as episode 3.

What happened to Derrik Weatherby?

Well, we don’t know what happened to the real Derrik Weatherby. He is presumably kept back at New Skrullos, being held at the Fracking pod just like the real Robert Fairbanks and the real members of the Skrull Council whose identities Skrulls have taken over.

Skrull Derrik Weatherby, however, was figured out by Sonya, but his fate remains to be seen, and we don’t know whether Sonya decided to eliminate him or spare him as soon as she got the information she needed.

In episode 5, Sonya made her way to Derrik’s office, determined to blow through his cover. Derrik asked her whether she believed Skrulls were all around them, and Sonya answered that she indeed believed that.

Derek Weatherby

Sonya then proceeded to pull the gun on Derrik. He was shocked and even more shocked when she shot him in the hand and leg.

Sonya and Derek

At that moment, the rest of the Secret Agents burst into the room, and Sonya showed them Derrik’s hand that started reverting back to his original Skrull form due to injury, as it always happens.

Weatherby discovered as Skrull

Sonya then managed to “talk” Derrik into revealing the location of Doctor Rosa Dalton, which was connected to Gravik’s plan to turn Skrulls into Super-Skrulls via the replicator machine that uses powerful DNA to give Skrulls superpowers.


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