‘Secret Invasion’: Which Avenger’s DNA Gravik Planned on Stealing? Here Are Our Best Guesses


If there’s one thing that was made clear in episode 5 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it’s that Gravik is looking to give more power to the already powerful Skrull army that he seeks to use to take over the entire planet. In that regard, he wants Nick Fury to give him the Harvest, a vial containing the DNA of all of the Avengers. And that means that he wants to use the power of the Avengers to make his Super Skrulls even more super than they are.

Of course, according to Fury, the Harvest has the DNA of all the Avengers. That means that the Harvest is basically a backup disc to the Avengers because Fury can use it for future purposes in case something were to happen to the Avengers. But we know that there are only a few DNA samples that Gravik may find useful in the Harvest. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the Avengers DNA that Gravik is looking to use.

Fury said that all of the Avengers shed blood

First things first, let’s settle on something important. During the events of episode 5 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ Gravik made clear that he needed Nick Fury alive because he was the only one who knew where the Harvest was. Gravik said that the Harvest contained the Avengers’ DNA, and we know that he has a machine that could incorporate the DNA of any creature into the Skrulls to give them superpowers that would allow them to become even stronger. For example, Gravik has been using Groot’s power a lot throughout the entire series.

Later in the episode, Nick Fury said that he collected the DNA of the Avengers during the Battle of Earth, which was the decisive battle between Thanos’ forces against the combined efforts of the Avengers and their allies. Fury also said that the Avengers shed blood during that battle because it was a tough fight that could have gone either way had it not been for Tony Stark’s sacrifice.

So, when Nick Fury said that all of the Avengers shed blood, he probably meant that ALL of the Avengers really did end up leaving blood samples behind during the Battle of Earth.

That means that there’s a good chance that he was able to collect all of their DNA after the Battle of Earth. So, this means that no Avenger left that battle unscathed, as they all ended up getting wounded at some point during the battle. And Fury collected all of the samples by employing Gravik and the Skrulls before they turned on him.

Which Avengers DNA did Gravik plan on using?

Of course, as mentioned, the Avengers shed blood during the Battle of Earth. Their DNA was all over the former Avengers compound in New York. But what needs to be considered here is that not all of the Avengers have powers and abilities that can be useful to the Skrulls. That’s because many of the Avengers are simply regular human beings that were able to develop skills that made them powerful.


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For example, Doctor Strange was always just a regular human being before he worked hard to learn how to use the mystic arts. That means that his power is not innate but is something that he had to learn through by working hard and studying. Another example is Hawkeye, who has always been just a regular human being that worked and trained hard to develop the skills of a world-class marksman. 

So, simply put, there are some DNA samples that the Skrulls wouldn’t be able to use because the ones they belong to don’t even have powers or special abilities. Let’s look at the Avengers whose DNA the Skrulls were looking to use.

1. Captain Marvel

The one name that stands out on this list is Carol Danvers, better known by her superhero name Captain Marvel. She was the only person Nick Fury mentioned when discussing the Avengers DNA samples collected after the Battle of Earth. And there’s a good reason why Fury mentioned Danvers’ name.

While Fury was always close to Danvers, he mentioned her name because she is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Avengers. During the Battle of Earth, she showcased the ability to overpower Thanos all on her own, as there was nothing that Mad Titan could do against her when she was in her Binary mode. So, if the Skrulls were to acquire her power, the entire planet would be in trouble. In fact, the Skrulls probably don’t even need the other Avengers’ DNA if they have Danvers’ DNA.

2. The Hulk

If there’s an Avenger DNA that the Skrulls could use to become incredibly strong and durable, it’s the Hulk’s. That’s because the Hulk is right up there regarding his strength and durability compared to the other Avengers. Not counting Captain Marvel’s Binary mode, the Hulk is arguably the strongest and most durable being on the entire planet. And if the Skrulls could obtain a fraction of his physical abilities, the entire planet would be doomed.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine how the Skrulls could use the Hulk’s DNA and whether or not they have to transform into a green giant (they already have the green part covered) to use his power. But the fact is that being able to Hulk up would give them an incredible advantage over Earth and its protectors.

3. Thor

Thor is literally a god because he is the Asgardian God of Thunder. That means that he has the power to use and manipulate Thunder at will. Of course, we know that Thor is also the mightiest of all of the Asgardians, as his strength rivals Hulk’s. And he has the blood of gods coursing through his veins.


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Of course, it was obvious that Thor really did shed blood during the Battle of Earth because we saw him bloodied and wounded in his fight with Thanos. That means that there really is no doubt that Nick Fury has Thor’s DNA in the Harvest, as he was one of the most wounded out of all of the Avengers in the Battle of Earth.

4. Captain America

Another Avenger that was also obviously wounded during the Battle of Earth was Steve Rogers. Captain America suffered wounds in his fight with Thanos. As such, he is right up there with Thor in terms of the characters that obviously shed blood during the Battle of Earth. And we know that his blood is special because it contains the Super Soldier Serum.

The Super Soldier Serum, of course, pushes the physical abilities of humans passed the peak level of what humans are physically capable of. Steve Rogers was stronger and faster than any ordinary human being. But we don’t know how useful his DNA would be when his physical traits pale compared to what the abovementioned Avengers are physically capable of.

5. Scarlet Witch

One of the most overpowered members of the Avengers was Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. That’s because she can use psionic energy and is basically a powerful source of magic all on her own. In fact, we’ve seen her changing the entire fabric of reality with her unbelievable power, which means that Wanda is an obvious choice for the Skrulls.

The fact that Wanda nearly killed Thanos alone makes her one of the strongest Avengers. Of course, we did see Wanda getting injured during the Battle of Earth when Thanos ordered the bombardment of the entire battlefield as a last resort. In that regard, we know that her blood was somewhere on the battlefield and was collected by Fury.

6. Black Panther

While we know that T’Challa is already dead, there’s still a good chance that the Harvest also has his DNA because he must have shed blood during the Battle of Earth as well. Of course, we know that Black Panther’s power is not innate but is the product of the Heart-Shaped Herb. As such, we aren’t sure whether or not his DNA carries his power because T’Challa didn’t even inherit his father’s superhuman abilities through his DNA.


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Nevertheless, Black Panther has superhuman strength that is a bit above peak-human strength level. That means that his physical abilities are somewhere on par or even greater than what Captain America is capable of. And the Black Panther’s strength could be very useful to the Skrulls if they are looking to augment their physical abilities.

7. Spider-Man

This is one of the things that we aren’t sure about because we know that Spider-Man was in his armor the entire fight and because of the possibility that Doctor Strange’s spell could have altered reality to a point where Peter Parker’s DNA was also erased from the Harvest. Whatever the case may be, we know that his DNA would be one of the most versatile ones that the Skrulls could use.

On top of his superhuman physical abilities, Spider-Man has other versatile powers that would make the Skrulls overpowered. He has the power to stick on walls and other flat surfaces and can perform acrobatic moves that other heroes aren’t capable of. Of course, he has the Spider-Sense, which is basically precognition.

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