‘Secret Invasion’: How Powerful Is G’iah Compared To Other Avengers?


The finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to see the rise of one of the strongest MCU characters we’ve ever seen at this point in the storyline. Of course, we are talking about G’iah, who ended up as the victor in her fight with Gravik after they were both given the powers of the characters whose DNA samples were in the Harvest. In that regard, G’iah now has access to many powers and abilities that make her one of the most overpowered characters. So, just how powerful is G’iah?

As it stands, G’iah now has the power of at least 20 MCU characters and creatures because of the Harvest. While we thought that the Harvest only had the DNA samples of the Avengers, it actually contained the samples of several more characters we’ve seen throughout the storyline of the MCU.

The fact that G’iah has the powers of several different characters makes her one of the strongest characters we’ve seen so far. That means that Marvel Studios is looking to go all-in on her as one of the faces of the MCU’s future, considering that Emilia Clarke is one of the most well-known stars of today’s era. That said, let’s look at how strong G’iah is and how she compares to other characters.

G’iah is likely the strongest MCU character

During the climax portion of the finale of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we saw that Nick Fury and G’iah could see one step ahead of Gravik. Fury went to the Skrull compound in Russia to confront Gravik; it looked like the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director didn’t have an ace up his sleeve.

He had no choice but to give the Harvest to his enemy, as Gravik was quick to use it on the Super Skrull machine to turn himself into a powerful Skrull with the powers of Captain Marvel and several other different MCU characters.

But the thing that allowed the good guys to defeat Gravik was the fact that G’iah was impersonating Fury the entire time and was also exposed to the effects of the machine that gave Gravik awesome powers. In that regard, Gravik’s powers were also given to G’iah. This led to an all-out fight between them as they used different powers that gave each of them the advantage during certain stretches of the fight.

In the end, however, G’iah defeated Gravik when she used her powers more strategically and skillfully instead of just randomly using powers to try to get the advantage over her enemy. Gravik’s death meant that G’iah was now the only Skrull with the powers granted by the DNA samples in the Harvest. And this also means that she is likely the strongest MCU character on Earth right now.


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That’s because G’iah has access to the powers and abilities of at least 20 different MCU characters. The Harvest may have contained the DNA samples of Carol Danvers and a few other Avengers members, but it also contained samples of the enemies that the Avengers fought during the Battle of Earth. On top of that, it also had samples from characters that didn’t even participate in the Battle of Earth.

Some of the powers that G’iah showcased in that fight with Gravik belonged to the likes of the Hulk, Korg, Drax, Ghost, Mantis, Captain Marvel, and even Thor. In fact, she also has access to the powers of several more characters, as seen on the computer screen shown in that episode.

That means that G’iah, using her Skrull powers, can imitate the characters whose DNA was incorporated into her own. She can change a certain body part to mimic the character and their powers. For example, when she used the Hulk’s powers, she needed to change a certain part of her body to that of the Hulk. And she showcased the ability to use several powers simultaneously by changing different body parts.

In that regard, G’iah may even be overpowered because she now has access to different powers and abilities that could easily overwhelm entire armies of superpowered people. And as she suggested when Sonya Falsworth confronted her, it would take an army to give G’iah some problems.

She still has some weaknesses

Even though we know that G’iah now has the DNA of at least 20 different MCU characters and creatures and can replicate their powers, there are still some limits to what she can do regarding their powers and abilities.

First of all, there is some sort of an on-and-off switch for those powers because G’iah needs to turn those powers on by changing certain parts of her body. She can’t just gain access to the Hulk’s superhuman strength and durability without changing parts of her body to replicate the Hulk. And the same goes for the other characters that she can replicate.


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Meanwhile, we know that stamina can also be an issue. No matter how strong G’iah may have become due to the powers she can access, we know that it takes her stamina to replicate certain characters’ powers and abilities. We saw this in that Gravik had become too tired to even fight back or use his powers when G’iah was about to kill him. So, if Gravik had run out of stamina, G’iah could also run out of stamina and become too weak to use any of her powers and abilities.

There’s also the possibility that her powers and abilities may be slightly weaker compared to the original versions. After all, she is merely replicating these powers and abilities. As such, we can’t say for sure that using the powers of Captain Marvel, for example, allows her to become just as strong as she is.

How G’iah compares to the strongest Avengers

Captain Marvel

The gold standard is Captain Marvel because it was her powers that Nick Fury often mentioned when talking about ‘The Harvest.’ That’s because she is likely the strongest out of all of the Avengers. We also saw G’iah and Gravik using her powers more often than the others they had access to.

But because G’iah needs to “turn on” her powers, there’s a good chance that Captain Marvel is still stronger than her or, at the very least, is up to par with her. Carol Danvers doesn’t need an on or off switch to use her powers. On the other hand, G’iah must consciously turn her powers on to match Captain Marvel’s power output. 

The Hulk

In terms of strength and durability, the Hulk seems to be at the top of the list of Avengers because he has some of the greatest strength and durability feats in the entire MCU. Of course, we know that Bruce Banner needs to turn into the Hulk to gain his powers, although that is already moot because Bruce has merged his consciousness with the Hulk’s body.


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Nevertheless, when Bruce is in his Hulk form, he is automatically stronger and more durable than almost any other character in the MCU. On the other hand, G’iah may have access to the Hulk’s powers, but she needs to turn them on as well. We also aren’t sure if G’iah also becomes stronger when she is angrier. And the fact that Gravik couldn’t tank G’iah’s final attack proves that neither of them has the Hulk’s durability unless they actually turn his powers on.


Last but not the least, Thor Odinson is the Avenger with the perfect combination of strength, durability, and power. That’s because he has physical feats that can match the Hulk. On top of that, he has access to thunder-based powers that are potent enough to kill entire gods. And with Mjolnir or Stormbreaker in hand, he is one of the mightiest characters in the entire universe.

So, with that said, G’iah should be able to match Thor’s power if she uses her Captain Marvel powers. That’s because we aren’t sure whether or not G’iah has the same access to Thor’s thunder-based powers. She might have his strength and durability, but Thor’s access to Mjolnir and Stormbreaker can give her problems because these weapons are powerful enough to amplify the God of Thunder’s powers. 

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