Thanos vs. Homelander: Who Wins the Fight & How?

thanos vs homelander

We’ve seen our fair share of villains in both the MCU and the world of ‘The Boys,’ and the two that stand out the most are Thanos and Homelander. Both of these characters have very interesting backstories that led to their twisted mentality and way of doing things. Of course, they are also two of the strongest supervillains we’ve seen in the world of live-action comic book adaptations. So, in a fight between Thanos and Homelander, who would win?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • While Homelander can physically keep up with Thanos, the Mad Titan is simply stronger and more intelligent than him and has had better feats.
  • Homelander may be faster than Thanos, but the gap won’t be as wide as some would think.
  • Thanos has done a lot more damage to the universe than Homelander has ever done to a single city.


While he was never considered the strongest character in terms of his physical abilities, Thanos was still incredibly strong and far stronger than most other strength-based villains. For example, he was able to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk in a fistfight and was also able to prove that he was physically superior to Thor, who we know is close to the Hulk’s strength. Thanos is also far stronger than Captain America, who is at the pinnacle of human strength.

thanos hulk

Homelander has always been portrayed as the strongest character in ‘The Boys’ in terms of his physical abilities. He may be a Superman expy, but his strength isn’t at the level of Superman. Homelander is still exponentially stronger than any ordinary human being, as he can lift the heaviest weights like a bag of chips and can even punch a hole through a person with little to no effort. But we haven’t seen him having destructive levels of strength.


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The fact that Thanos could go toe-to-toe with the Hulk’s city-destruction level of strength convinced us that he may be stronger than Homelander, but not by a lot.

Thanos 1, Homelander 0


Speed was never Thanos’ forte, but he is at least peak-human in terms of his speed level. That’s because he can keep up with the speeds of the likes of the Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man. Of course, he doesn’t possess blinding speed in the sense that he can blitz different characters in an instant. But we believe Thanos is faster than any normal human being and is at least as fast as Captain America and Black Panther.

As a Superman expy, Homelander also possesses superhuman speed that allows him to move and fly faster than any other superhero. The only supe in ‘The Boys’ capable of matching his speed is A-Train, but Homelander’s speed whenever he is in flight may be the fastest in the entire series as he is faster than F-16 fighter jets. His speed also allows him to keep up with the likes of Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve.


The fact that Homelander is faster than fighter jets gives him the edge here. As such, his biggest chance against Thanos is his speed, as he may be able to find a way to speed-blitz him in a fight.

Thanos 1, Homelander 1


One of the reasons Thanos was so incredibly difficult to defeat for the different MCU superheroes was that he was just so durable. He can take punches and hits from the Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man without showing any signs of damage. Thanos also took on multiple superheroes simultaneously with little to no effect on his body. The only time we’ve ever seen him getting injured or damaged was when he was up against Thor’s Stormbreaker, which is actually a weapon strong enough to slay gods.

The reason why the characters of ‘The Boys’ fear Homelander is that they don’t know if there’s something that could even hurt or kill him. His body is so durable that nothing in the world could kill him, as it can even be postulated that he could survive a nuclear blast. Nevertheless, we’ve seen him getting hurt when he is up against characters who are close to his strength, such as when he fought a V-empowered Billy Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Queen Maeve on separate occasions.


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While they are both almost as durable as one another, let’s not forget that the only weapon we’ve ever seen capable of hurting Thanos in the MCU was a weapon that could kill gods and even cosmic beings. As such, Thanos takes the slight edge here.

Thanos 2, Homelander 1


As far as we are concerned, Thanos has had the greatest feats out of all of the different supervillains in the MCU because he has fought some of the strongest heroes. Off-screen, he defeated a weaponless version of Thor, duked it out, and defeated the Hulk in a fistfight. After that, Thanos went on to go up against Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy all on his own. Then, in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ he went up against the likes of a Mjolnir-empowered Captain America, Thor, and Captain Marvel but was still too strong that the only way the heroes could win against him was to use the Infinity Stones.

scarlet witch thanos fight

Because he is the strongest supe in the storyline of ‘The Boys,’ Homelander doesn’t have the most impressive feats as no other character is at his level. Soldier Boy, who used to be the strongest supe before Homelander, gave him a tough fight, only for Homelander to come out with the advantage. Homelander needed to fight off Soldier Boy and a V-empowered Billy Butcher but could still escape the fight without injuries. Homelander also fought Queen Maeve, who was at her strongest then.

At the end of the day, Thanos’ feats are so much more impressive because he defeated some of the strongest heroes in the world of the MCU. 

Thanos 3, Homelander 1


Arguably, the most dangerous asset that Thanos had was his mind. He may have been a Mad Titan to a lot of people. Still, Thanos’ intelligence has always been genius-level as he knows almost everything there is to know about the universe and is smart enough to think of plans and strategies that he could use to take over entire galaxies. He wasn’t only a military genius but also a scientific genius. As such, Thanos was at his most dangerous whenever he was using his intelligence.


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Homelander was created to be smarter than regular people, and this was evident when he used his intelligence a lot of times to manipulate different people and think of different plans and strategies against his enemies. He was even smart enough to outsmart Stan Edgar, who was one of the smartest characters in ‘The Boys.’ But his intelligence almost always manifests in his ability to manipulate people to his advantage.


While Homelander is a master manipulator and a cunning individual, Thanos is a genius in almost every aspect of intelligence.

Thanos 4, Homelander 1

Who wins, Thanos or Homelander?

At the end of the day, Thanos is simply stronger and smarter than Homelander. It might be true that Homelander is faster than Thanos, but the Mad Titan has many more advantages than his deranged opponent. On top of that, Homelander’s feats pale compared to what Thanos accomplished in the MCU, especially considering that he defeated many different champions and heroes in the 1,000 years he lived.

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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