Which Villain Is Emma Corrin Playing in ‘Deadpool 3’? 5 Best Guesses

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On Valentine’s Day, 2023, Deadline confirmed that Emma Corrin (best known for the role of Princess Diana in Netflix’s The Crown) would portray a villain in the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie. The film will be a part of the MCU and include both Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. However, Emma Corrin’s role hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The possibilities are endless, seeing that Deadpool 3 will clearly involve the multiverse topic, at least to some extent, to make the transition into the MCU. We still don’t know if Corrin plays the main villain or just A villain in the movie, but that won’t stop us from trying to guess. Here are the five best guesses on which villain Emma Corrin is playing in Deadpool 3.

1. Danger

dp 3 danger

First up, I wanted to address the most popular opinion among fans online. Even before the news about Corrin joining the cast, there were rumors about Danger being the main villain of Deadpool 3. Fans quickly connected those rumors and believed that Emma Corrin would be Danger in the film.

It would make a lot of sense, and it would be epic. The rumors about Danger started after Ryan Reynolds posted an announcement video on Twitter about Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine. In the video, you can see Reynolds sitting on the toilet, reading Wolverine Vol. 7 #21, which is a Marvel Comics issue where Deadpool and Wolverine work together to defeat Danger.

For those who don’t know, Danger is the physical embodiment of the X-Mansion’s Danger Room. It was a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced training room for the X-Men created by Charles Xavier. Danger was confined and restrained only to the Danger Room but managed to get out with nothing but vengeance toward Professor X and the X-Men in mind.

I still believe that Danger could potentially appear in Deadpool 3 as a villain, but it seems that the information about Emma Corrin portraying the character is all but debunked, as Tweeted by Deadline’s Justin Kroll:

“Despite Internet rumors, multiple sources confirm [they] will not be playing Danger in the movie.”

Don’t worry, fellow Marvel fans! There are other options that could potentially be even more epic!


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2. Lady Deadpool/Dreadpool

dp3 lady deadpool dreadpool

This possibility is the one that intrigues me the most. Lady Deadpool and Dreadpool are completely separate characters – or, better said, Deadpool variants – but it would be awesome to see Corrin portray either one of them in Deadpool 3.

Lady Deadpool is essentially a female version of Deadpool from another dimension, all with the mutant abilities and the potty-mouth attitude. The problem is, Lady Deadpool isn’t exactly a villain, but who knows – maybe the MCU’s version could do a little spin. That being said, perhaps Dreadpool would be an even better choice.

Dreadpool is one of Wade Wilson’s variants that leads Evil Deadpool Corps, a multiversal group of Deadpool variants that travel across the multiverse to try and kill as many Deadpool variants as they can. 


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Dreadpool is brainwashed by Psycho-Man, a crazy scientist who wants nothing more or nothing less than complete chaos. And, seeing that Wade Wilson and his buddy Logan are clearly transitioning from one universe to another, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Deadpool will ask Wolverine for help to fight alternative versions of himself. That sounds like a plot crazy enough for Deadpool.

Another reason why I believe this could actually happen is because of Ryan Reynolds’ Tweet confirming the casting of Emma Corrin in the movie. He used the ‘two crossed swords’ emoji when referring to Deadpool before (look at the Tweet with the Hugh Jackman casting announcement video), and now, he put two of those with a heart in between.

“New addition to the family! The Deadpool family, for clarity. Which is just like a real family except with less swearing… Welcome, Emma Corrin!”

He also welcomed Emma Corrin to the ‘Deadpool family,’ which could mean that he’s welcoming them into the franchise – or he’s saying that Corrin will portray another version of Deadpool; hence, the additional ‘two crossed swords’ emoji. I might be looking into it a bit too hard, but it would be absolutely awesome, nevertheless.

3. Lady Deathstrike

dp 3 lady deathstrike

The final three guesses will be more of a rapid-fire segment, seeing that we don’t have much to go on except from fan rumors and speculations. One popular guess is Lady Deathstrike, a Deadpool’s villain from the comics that fought Deadpool and Wolverine numerous times – separately and even together.

Months have passed since there was an open casting call for all actresses between thirty and fifty years old to portray a villain of both Deadpool and Wolverine. Granted, there are numerous female villains that both of them face, but seeing that Emma Corrin was cast as a villain for the film, I believe she would fit Lady Deathstrike as a glove.


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Firstly, Lady Deathstrike already appeared in the X-Men franchise, namely, X2: X-Men United. Granted, it was a different actress, but if we’re talking ‘multiverse’ here, it doesn’t really matter, and the casting change could be explained in seconds.

Secondly, Lady Deathstrike underwent the same adamantium experiments as Wolverine, thanks to her father, who was running the skeleton-adamantium bonding experiments within the Weapon X program. 

That would also connect Lady Deathstrike to both Deadpool and Wolverine, and seeing how fleshed out the rivalry is in the comics between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, it would give Emma Corrin and the movie’s writers a lot to work with to develop an awesome storyline for the film.

4. Gwenpool

dp 3 gwenpool

This one would be epic for several reasons, and I honestly hope that it proves to be correct, although the chances are quite slim. Gwendolyn Pool, aka Gwenpool, is a character who appeared in Marvel Comics for the first time in 2015. She isn’t a villain, per se, but her actions could cause a lot of trouble within the multiverse, making her the enemy in the film.

Basically, Gwen Pool comes from our dimension – the real-life world – and grew up as a fan of Marvel Comics. When she got sucked into the comic book world, she frequently broke the fourth wall, knowing that she was a character in the comics. It would be cool to see another character break the fourth wall, just like Deadpool does.


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Anyways, Gwenpool was at first powerless, but seeing that she knew she was a comic book character, she simply changed her own narrative and gave herself powers similar to Deadpool’s. And the fact that she was an avid comic book reader meant she knew every superhero’s secret identity, which caused some problems on its own.

I would love to see Gweenpool and Deadpool toss banter at each other, breaking the fourth wall, and just being a hilarious dynamic duo. It would also play into the before-mentioned Ryan Reynolds Tweet with the sword emojis, as Gwenpool basically uses the same weapons as Wade Wilson.

5. Death

dp 3 death

Last but not least, I don’t think this one will happen, but fans are so into the idea that I had to include it on the list. Emma Corrin might actually portray Death in Deadpool 3. Yes – the physical incarnation, the primordial entity Death, who takes you to her realm after you die in the physical world.

She has a very deep connection to Wade Wilson, as the two actually had a romance in the comics. Still, a jealous Thanos broke that romance by cursing Deadpool with immortality, meaning he could never die and enter Death’s realm again.


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That being said, I believe that the timing to introduce Death into the MCU is just not right. Sure, it would be cool too, for instance, see Deadpool coerce Death to bring back Logan (remember, he died in 2017’s film Logan).

However, I believe that if the writers wanted to include Death in the MCU storyline, they should have done that somewhere around Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, when Thanos was still there, since the love triangle between himself, Deadpool, and Death from the comics would be that much more awesome.

Only time will tell, I guess, but seeing that everything is leading to the great war against Kang the Conqueror (or Kangs, if you will), I don’t see how introducing such a huge, powerful entity as Death herself could play into the great scheme of the MCU.

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