‘Secret Invasion’: Did Varra Ever Love Nick Fury?


There is no doubt that the biggest surprise that ‘Secret Invasion’ had been keeping from all of us was the fact that Nick Fury was married to a Skrull named Varra. However, not even Fury was sure whether his wife was loyal to him, as he believed she could work for the Skrulls. This was shown in episode 4 of ‘Secret Invasion’ when the two had a confrontation. So, did Varra ever love Nick Fury?

While Varra was originally tasked to keep Nick Fury in check and kill him if ever the need arose, she eventually fell in love with him. This was made clear in episode 4 of ‘Secret Invasion’ when she decided to spare her husband after revealing that she was truly in love with him.

The story of Nick Fury and Varra allows us to understand that humans and Skrulls could coexist and love one another and that people had a choice regarding whether or not they needed to follow orders. Varra displayed her ability to choose episode 4 when she chose to side with her husband instead of killing him. That said, let’s look more into this topic.

Varra was supposed to kill Fury

One of the things we saw in episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion’ was that Nick Fury’s wife, Varra, was acting strange at the end of the episode when she left their house and went out to get her gun in a safe. That was when a familiar voice called her and told her to meet him at a church. In that regard, it became clear that Varra was suspicious, and Fury was right to question her loyalty.

In episode 4, Varra is seen in the church where she is supposed to meet this man. It turned out that this man was Colonel James Rhodes, who we know has been working as an adviser for President Ritson.

That was when it became clear that this Rhodes was a Skrull and that he had been spying for Gravik the entire time. Rhodes told Varra that she needed to kill Nick Fury or else one of them had to die.

But what Varra didn’t know was that her husband had planted a listening device on her so that he could listen to the conversation between her and Rhodey. As such, Fury knew what the Skrulls had ordered his wife to do. That was why he was ready for whatever Varra would do to him.

Varra returned home to find Fury there. That was when they had a long talk involving Fury’s doubts about whether or not he married the right person. He told her that some of him was telling him all those years ago that marrying a Skrull was wrong. And it started to look like this part of Fury was right all along because Varra was seemingly about to kill him.


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Fury asked Varra what prompted her to choose Priscilla Davis’ appearance and identity as her new identity while she was on Earth. That was when Varra revealed that she chose this face because it was the best way to seduce Fury. And it became clear that the Skrulls had been planning to plant someone to keep an eye on Fury the entire time and even kill him if he needed to put him down.

In a sense, Varra chose a beautiful person’s identity because she knew that she could make Fury fall for her this way. To some extent, it worked because Fury did indeed fall for her. But Fury kept his eye open, as we all know that he was ready for what he thought Varra would do to him.

Varra truly fell for Fury

Fury also asked Varra to tell him Priscilla’s story. That was when Varra told him that Priscilla was a dying woman that had kept her terminal illness from her family. Varra befriended her and asked her if she could assume her identity because she wanted Priscilla to experience falling in love. That was when Priscilla, before dying, allowed Varra to become her under three conditions:

1. That she buried her in the sea; 

2. That she would continue to be a daughter to Priscilla’s parents; and

3. That she would never hurt Nick Fury.

Varra fulfilled the first two promises that she made to Priscilla. And when Nick Fury learned that the third condition was that Varra wasn’t allowed to hurt the man that she was supposed to fall in love with, that was when he started reciting their favorite poem by Raymond Carver, which says:

“And did you get what

you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself

beloved on the earth.”

After reciting the final line of the poem, they both grabbed their guns and shot them. However, they both intentionally missed their shots as it was clear they loved one another. Varra not only fulfilled her promise to Priscilla but had actually fallen in love with Nick Fury.

The poem and its lines were the clues that would allow anyone to see that Varra had truly fallen for Fury. This person in the poem only wanted to feel loved while on Earth, and that was what Varra wanted the entire time.

She never wanted to be someone who could find a planet for the Skrulls. Instead, she wanted to spend her entire life feeling beloved by someone and being able to love this person back.


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In that regard, Fury also realized that Varra truly loved him, which was why he also missed her on purpose. They both realized that they loved each other, which meant that Varra had already placed herself in danger because the Skrulls would come after her next.

As such, Fury no longer has a reason to doubt whether or not his wife loves him. He now understands that Varra is loyal to him and has decided to put herself in harm’s way. Not that’s settled, Fury can now focus on the bigger task at hand: Gravik and his Skrulls.

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