Thor vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Wins the Fight & How? (MCU & Comics)

Thor vs. Scarlet Witch Who Wins the Fight How MCU Comics

Marvel is home to some of the most powerful superheroes imaginable. From skilled magic users to literal gods, plenty of cosmic and supernatural powers exist among them. Today’s fictional battle will feature one of the most powerful sorceresses in Marvel Comics – Scarlet Witch and the Asgardian God of Thunder – Thor. With drastically different origins and manifestations of powers, we’ve always wondered who among them is stronger & would win in a fight, both in the MCU and in the comics. 

Thor is more powerful than Scarlet Witch and would win a fight against her in the comics and the MCU. Thor’s powerset is objectively more versatile than Wanda’s, and he is physically superior in every aspect. Wanda has enough juice to alter reality and might use her magic to counter some of his powers, but she has nothing to counter his physical superiority. 

Now that we’ve covered that Thor would ultimately win this fight, it’s time to explore how and why. We will analyze both characters’ powers, abilities, speed, strength, and durability so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Thor is one of the most powerful Asgardians. As the son of Odin, he has access to some powers and abilities that are unavailable to an average Asgardian. Even though Thor’s most notable attack is, without a doubt, his magical lighting, he has plenty of other mind-blowing powers and abilities worthy of his status as a god. 

Thor is a skilled energy manipulator who can control elements beyond electricity, such as water, earth, fire, wind, and even weather. He can use powerful force blasts and protective barriers both for offensive and defensive purposes. He can manipulate souls and summon an army of creatures to fight on his side, and reality-altering is also not far from his reach. 


Thor has access to God-blast and Thor-Force. With Thor-Force, he has some of the most awesome feats in the comics. He has a range of unique abilities that are able to affect space, time, reality, gravity, and other abstract phenomena. He can also access existence erasure. Thor-Force has the potential to stop entropy from spreading.  

Scarlet Witch also utilizes magic the most but from different sources. Wanda is the most notable manipulator of Chaos Magic, an extremely rare and powerful force of magic that traces its roots to the demonic lord Chthon. She is also a Nexus Being which grants her reality-breaking abilities and makes her a focal point for vast magical energies within the Universe. 

Wanda has plenty of offensive and defensive abilities, but she is most notable for having access to probability manipulation, meaning that Universe bends to her decisions. Wanda proved her potential during the infamous ‘House of M’ storyline when she decimated the population of mutants on Earth with only a single sentence. Wanda can also perform a wide range of offensive attacks through elemental control. She can manipulate various forms of energy and control various forms of magic.

No more mutants

Now it’s obvious that Thor has a more versatile powerset that isn’t necessarily tied to damage or reality control. Many people forget that Thor, at some point, gains access to all the same powers and abilities that Odin has, and Odin is vastly more powerful than Wanda. Still, we’re going to play it fair and give this first point to both of them since it’s quite unusual for a mortal to have enough juice to be able to stand up to a literal god. 

Points: Thor (1:1) Scarlet Witch


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Strength and Stamina 

Thor is an Asgardian with vastly more physical potential than your average human. He can lift more than 100 tons and has plenty of feats to prove that he is strong enough to even move celestial bodies. Thor also surpasses most other Asgardians when it comes to physical strength, and someone can rarely surpass his lifting and hitting potential. 

Thor world tree

In terms of stamina, Thor has plenty of energy reserves and can seemingly fight forever at the top of his powers because he produces next-to-nothing fatigue toxins. His most powerful ability, however, Thor-Force, drains his powers quickly and forces him to enter Thor-Sleep to recharge his divine powers and energies. 

Scarlet Witch doesn’t have superhuman strength or stamina, although she can drastically increase her potential by using her powers to empower herself additionally. However, she can manipulate heavy objects and throw people around using her telekinetic powers. In hand-to-hand combat, I doubt that Thor would even be able to register her attacks. 

Scarlet Witch is nowhere near the level of Thor when it comes to physical strength and stamina, and although Wanda most certainly wouldn’t engage Thor in a physical fight, if she was to do that, she would lose almost instantly. The point goes to Thor. 

Points: Thor (2:1) Scarlet Witch


Thor has vastly enhanced reflexes, reaction times, combat speeds, and movement speeds. He can also fly faster than the speed of light when he is using Mjolnir. In fact, he is able to fly so fast he can warp space-time around him. While in combat, Thor is able to move so fast that he is often undetectable to human eyes and is often regarded as being among the fastest combatants in Marvel Comics. 

Thor dodges asteroid

Scarlet Witch does not have access to superhuman speed, although, like with her strength, she can make herself faster with her magic. She can teleport, open portals, and levitate, but all of this pales compared to the actual speedsters in Marvel. Just like with her movement speed, Wanda might be slightly faster in combat and have slightly faster reaction times, but it’s all due to her precognition powers and not necessarily because of her movement speed. 

Scarlet Witch opens portals

Wanda can sense a blow coming before it lands, but I’m unsure whether she would be able to react to Thor’s hits before they catch up to her. 

Points: Thor (3:1) Scarlet Witch


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Even though Thor is technically a god, he is not immortal and can be hurt or even killed, but to severely injure the God of Thunder, you need cosmic energies and some of the most powerful weapons in Marvel Comics. Thor has extra durable bodily tissues and is well-known to be able to tank planetary explosions and severe pressure dealt by the black holes collapsing. It’s truly a remarkable feat to be able to make the God of Thunder bleed. 

Wanda has human physiology, and due to this, she has your normal durability and weaknesses that come with being a human, but she is far from easily being injured. She is generally regarded as a glass canon, but she can utilize her powers to form protective shields and barriers and even heal herself if needed. I doubt that Wanda’s protection barriers could tank one discharge of God-Blast, but she would no doubt have any problems tanking some of Thor’s vanilla attacks.

Even though Wanda does have her defenses, she is vastly less durable than Thor. 

Points: Thor (4:1) Scarlet Witch


Thor is knowledgeable due to his age and due to the fact that he took part in numerous battles and conquests; he is quite a skilled strategist and is quite well versed in mythology, history, and the matters of magic and gods, but he was never known to have intelligence on par with the smartest characters in the comics

thor intelligence

Scarlet Witch is not a genius, but she is highly informed and educated on matters related to the occult and magic. She also has vast experience and is a skilled strategist. Scarlet Witch spent many years perfecting her hexes and exploring the exact nature of her powers, and if you have any questions regarding sorcery or the divine, your best bet is to ask Wanda.  

Both Thor and Wanda would be considered average in terms of their intelligence, but due to his age, experience, and the fact that he is a magical being, Thor is more knowledgeable when it comes to the nature of magic than Wanda and would ultimately figure out how to counter her faster than she would be able to do it. 

Points: Thor (5:1) Scarlet Witch

Combat Skills

Thor was created for warfare, and he led many wars alongside his father, conquering many different places. Due to his age, he learned a thing or two over the years and mastered nearly all weapons in existence. He is a master of warfare, and few understand it better than he does.

Over the centuries, Thor has honed his abilities to the point where he is just as deadly with traditional Asgardian weapons as he is with his energy-manipulating powers. When it comes to combat expertise, Thor is unmatched, and this makes him an incredibly dangerous opponent in battle.


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Wanda received formal combat training from some of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe, such as Captain America and Hawkeye. She is far from being a master combatant, but she can hold her ground decently if it comes to it. She rarely enters combat without relying on her magic, however.

This category is not even up for debate; Thor is a much better combatant Than Wanda. 

Points: Thor (6:1) Scarlet Witch

Thor vs. Scarlet Witch: Who would win in the MCU?

As you can see, Thor gets a clear win when it comes to the source material. Even if Wanda has reality-manipulating powers, Thor is simply on another level and can easily counter her and overpower her with his raw physical potential but what about the MCU? 

In the MCU, all characters are a bit more balanced, pre-Multiverse of Madness Wanda would absolutely be destroyed by Thor without any doubt, but since Wanda managed to empower herself with Darkhold, we’ve seen her landing some pretty powerful attacks, being fast enough to counter skilled combatants and being able to tank a significant amount of damage that America Chavez forwarded her way.

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Still, even with those physical aspects empowered, Thor remains more powerful than Wanda due to his divine status, and she currently loses the fight against him most of the time. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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