Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’ (Comics & MCU)

The ‘Secret Invasion‘ event in Marvel Comics is one of the most important ones in the last two decades. Despite depicting the same event, comics, and Marvel Cinematic Universe aren’t the same. In the comics, this event lasted across multiple different comic books, and boy was it intense – everyone was suspicious of being a Skrull. The Disney+ series is a bit lighter but still showcases the tense and ruthless happenings of the angry alien race in Skrulls. Of course, we are still in the middle of the show’s season (only in the third episode), where we saw the beginnings of many twists and major character deaths, which inspired us for this article.

We will list the most important deaths in the ‘Secret Invasion’ event in comic books and Disney+ TV series and explain each character’s death in detail. Of course, since the event established that Skrulls “only” replaced original superheroes with their “copies,” there aren’t that many deaths in the event, but enough to include them in this list. The Skrulls that were brainwashed and replaced the original heroes won’t be mentioned since that will take two more articles, but “original” characters that lost their lives for good. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Who died during ‘Secret Invasion’ in Marvel Comics?

Before we list all characters that died during this major event, let’s explain how this event even occurred in the Marvel Universe since it does differ from MCU.

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

Skrull Empire was one of the biggest and most ancient colonies in the universe. Skrulls were known as the race that took over thousands of planets across the galaxy and expanded their race in enormous numbers. However, they couldn’t take over one planet, a place where many superhumans use their powers to protect it, the Earth.

After Kree-Skrull War ended, the Illuminati traveled to Skrull Empire and warned the race not to involve themselves in Earth’s business; but before the superhero group could return, they were captured and experimented on by the shapeshifting aliens.

The straw that broke the camel’s back comes, which sees Skrull’s initial homeworld, Tarnax IV, destroyed by Annihilation Wave and Galactus – Skrulls lost their home, but the tragedy seems to move them towards Earth, which they slowly but surely infiltrated for years.

The ‘Secret Invasion’ has begun.


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1. A lot of Skrulls

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

This is a broad entry since we won’t list every single Skrull who died, but we need to at least mention that Skrulls that impersonated most notable superheroes died. One of the first victims and reveals during the Secret Invasion was the death of Skrull Elektra. During the fight between the New Avengers and the Hand over Echo, the ninja warrior stabbed and killed the “Lady Daredevil,” who was revealed to be a Skrull.

This was a huge deal since it immediately showcased the threat they were facing on their planet. The paranoia and the tense atmosphere immediately shook the whole world, and it didn’t stop there. Hank Pym, Susan Storm, Emma Frost, Clint Barton, Captain America, and many others were impersonated by Skrulls, who were eventually killed by the “originals.”

Of course, these brainwashed Skrulls weren’t the only ones dying – the ones that led the invasion, like mighty Super-Skrulls, Lobo, and Blacksmith, were also among the victims.

2. Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

This entry is impactful, but when you discover what happened shortly after, maybe Captain Britain wasn’t supposed to be here. However, his initial sacrifice was great enough. During Secret Invasion, Captain Britain and the rest of the MI13 believed the Skrulls would invade Avalon through the Siege Perilous, which the shapeshifters would use to take Earth’s magic.

When Skrulls shot a nuclear missile towards the portal, Brian Braddock stopped the weapon head-on, ultimately sacrificing himself. Thankfully, he stopped the disaster and was eventually resurrected by the wizard Merlin.

Captain Britain might be alive after the events of the ‘Secret Invasion,’ but his sacrifice was imminent and important at that moment.

3. Whiz Kid

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

This character might not be the most notable one, but they died a hero during the Skrull Invasion. A woman named Whiz Kid (her real name was never revealed) gained speed powers and became part of the Speedsters Union.

Her story was depicted in ‘She-Hulk’ comics, but her character died when she used her super speed to suck the poison gas used by the Skrull Yellowjacket to save everyone. However, she tragically died – she died a hero.


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4. Proton

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

Proton, also known as Geldoff, was an energy blaster who joined the 50-State Initiative, where he, with his fellow colleagues, was ordered to help Young Avengers against Skrulls in New York City.

However, Criti Noll, a Skrull disguised as Yellowjacket and Hank Pym, designed special machinists that wreaked havoc across New York, and one of them captured Proton – who was brutally murdered.

5. Skrull Kill Krew

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

This particular group of “superheroes” first appeared in the ‘Fantastic Four’ comic books from the 1980s, where we see the beginnings of this “anti-Skrull” team. According to the comics, they formed their team after the members Ryder and Moonstomp developed a disease known as Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia, which develops an individual’s hatred for Skrull but also slowly kills them.

These two expanded their group to other people like Kimberly Dee 3-D Man, Riot, and others, and they set out to kill every single Skrull on Earth before they die. Unfortunately, some of them died, and the death toll includes Kimberly Dee, Moonstomp, and Dice were one of the casualties of ‘Secret Invasion.’

6. Crusader

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

Z’Reg is a Skrull operative who arrived on Earth to spy on Avengers, but their disbandment messed with his mission. However, after seeing the beauties of planet Earth and its people and superheroes, Z’Reg took on the name Crusader which he used to help and protect others.

Unfortunately, during the Skrull Invasion, Crusader changes his mind after debating whether he should stand on the side of his people or humans after seeing his fellow member of Initiative Proton brutally murdered by the Super-Skrulls.

Crusader chased after Criti Noll, but after he defeated the impostor, 3-D Man identified him as a Skrull and killed him on the spot. Crusader’s death was tragic, and it didn’t matter in the end despite choosing humans.

7. Captain Marvel (Khn’nr)

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

We all know that Mar-Vell tragically died from cancer, but his character was present during the ‘Secret Invasion’ comic book event. But not the one that we knew before. Skrulls genetically enhanced and created a copy of the famous Kree Mar-Vell, and implanted him with false memories to make him believe he was a real hero.

He was actually Khn’nr, a Skrull who went berserk, slayed the Skrull, and escaped to Negative Zone. After briefly “filling” the shoes of Mar-Vell, Khn’nr helped the Earth’s superheroes from Skrulls, but the enhanced race of shapeshifters proceeded to seek revenge against him.

He eventually died, but not before encountering Noh-Varr, to whom Khn’nr “passes” on the mantle of Captain Marvel, which the young superhero briefly had as a member of Dark Avengers.

8. Wasp (Janet van Dyne)

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

We all know that there are many vicious ways to die, and boy did Wasp suffer during hers in ‘Secret Invasion.’ After ‘House of M’ and her failed marriage to Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne tries to find herself, mostly by occasionally helping Avengers on their business as Wasp. However, when she joins the fight against the Skrulls in New York City and learns that Hank Pym is actually a Skrull named Criti Noll, her life gets worse.


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Or rather, her end of life. After seeing that they are going to be defeated, Criti Noll activates the growth serum inside the Wasp that he gave to her before disguised as Hank Pym and forcefully enlarges her to become a massive bio-weapon.

Thor mercifully kills her by scattering her physical form, which motivates the Avengers more to defeat the rest of the Skrulls. Her death was scary and painful, but when we see the real Hank Pym learning about his late wife, Wasp’s death seems even more tragic.

Who died during the ‘Secret Invasion’ in MCU?

‘Secret Invasion’ in Marvel Cinematic Universe has quite a different motivation and prologue to the famous Marvel Comics event. The story starts in ‘Captain Marvel’ movie when we learn of the Kree-Skrull War and the destruction of the Skrull homeworld. Talos, Soren, and his daughter G’iah plead with Nick Fury and Captain Marvel to help them against Kree and find them a new home.


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Despite Talos and other Skrulls being reasonable, we learn a whole rebel group of Skrulls infiltrated Earth to make it their own home and destroy the humans. The deaths definitely occurred in the first three episodes of the ‘Secret Invasion’ TV series, and the tense atmosphere probably won’t stop until the end of the first season.

1. Maria Hill

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

This one hurt, and it occurred in the series’ first episode. Maria Hill, the former Commander of the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury’s right hand was shot and killed by Gravik, the leader of Skrull Council that decided to leave Skrulls as the only inhabitants on Earth.

He kills Maria Hill in Moscow during the Skrull “orchestrated” terrorist attack on the city, impersonating Nick Fury. She was shot and killed on the spot, which shocked all MCU fans.

2. Commodore Robert Fairbanks (Skrull)

This particular death occurred in episode three of the ‘Secret Invasion’ series, where we saw Robert Fairbanks, the Commodore of the British submarine ‘Neptune,’ killed by Talos. However, it was revealed that the Commodore was actually a Skrull operative and that the real man is still alive – for now.

MCU is on the brink of World War III, and Gravik has more things up his sleeve.

Who Dies in ‘Secret Invasion’? (Comics & MCU)

The honorable mention is Talos’ daughter G’iah, who acted as a double agent for Talos and Fury in the Skrull compound. She was shot by Gravik and allegedly died, but that is still unknown.

There will be more deaths in the ‘Secret Invasion’ series, so we better prepare for more stressful moments of the MCU show.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Stay with us until the end!

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