‘Secret Invasion’: Is Beto Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him

Secret Invasion Is Beto Dead Heres What Happened to Him
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The penultimate episode of the ‘Secret Invasion‘ was just released, and considering that we are so close to the finale, it’s no wonder that things are getting a lot clearer both for the viewers and for the Skrulls involved in Gravik’s planned takeover of Earth. Gravik has made several unwise decisions in the last few episodes, and he practically got rid of half of the upper-ranking members of his Rebel group. This is what led Beto and a large group of other Skrulls to rise up against him and what led Gravik to seemingly kill Beto in front of a large crowd of Skrulls. Now let’s see if Beto is truly dead.

Beto is dead. Gravik slit his throat after a brief physical encounter in the New Skrullos cafeteria when several other Skrulls attacked Gravik in order to eliminate him and the danger he poses to the Skrull community. Beto was the one who pulled a plastic bag over Gravik’s head in an attempt to choke him. However, Gravik proved to be too physically strong for the normal Skrulls, and he managed to break free and ultimately kill Beto.

Beto joined the Rebel Skrulls to escape the hardships of pretending to be a human, and sadly he didn’t find a better arrangement living at New Skrullos since Gravik planned to use him as a tool in his planned takeover of Earth. Now let’s see what exactly happened to him and what led him to attack Gravik in the first place.

Beto joined the Rebel Skrulls to escape hardships and find his purpose in life

We Beto in the first episode of the ‘Secret Invasion.’ G’iah was the one that met him near the entry to the New Skrullos complex, and he had to prove that he was Skrull by shapeshifting to his natural form.

Beto as Skrull

Beto admitted that he was hungry and didn’t know what to do, but luckily G’iah showed him the ropes and offered him real Skrull food before she explained just what the Rebels aimed to do once Earth was theirs.

Beto fit in with the Rebels fast. Gravik needed young and physically strong Skrulls as he was to ultimately serve various purposes, from infiltration to combat, and Beto soon rose through the ranks and took part in several important missions.

Beto’s character is important because it showcases that the Rebel Skrulls weren’t all evil; some were simply desperate and were looking for any means to survive.


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Why did the Rebel Skrulls decide to turn on Gravik?

The most important part of Gravik’s character arc came in episode 5 when it seemed like he was slowly but surely losing control over his followers.

In episode 4, we’ve seen that Gravik’s attempt to cause World War III failed. He planned to attack and kill President Ritson with his Skrulls disguised as Russian terrorists. But luckily, Fury placed a liquid tracker in Rhodes’ drink and managed to track them down and interrupt their plans.

During the whole ordeal, Talos was killed, which was a big personal victory for Gravik, but the mission was ultimately a catastrophic failure. Not only because Ritson made it out alive but also because the Skrulls showed up in mainstream media, and Ritson now had a good reason to suspect even his closest confidantes.

gravik stabs talos

Back at the New Skrullos complex, Gravik accused Pagon that it was his fault that the mission failed. He told Pagon that his failure to acquire the harvest led them to failure. Pagon decided to defend himself and countered that the fact that Gravik couldn’t seem to get rid of Nick Fury despite having ample opportunities was what led them to failure.

Pagon stated that Skrulls are losing trust in Gravik, just like Fury did at one point in time. At that, Gravik got really mad and decided to use his Flora Colossus tree-like limbs to impale Pagon and kill him on the spot.

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Afterward, Gravik threatened the rest of the Skrulls that this is what happens when you refuse a direct order. He told the Skrulls that they have no voice, are nothing, and don’t mean anything. Only the cause matters.

Skrulls didn’t take to this all too well, as it would seem, as they planned on getting rid of Gravik as soon as possible.

Beto was the one that set the plan against Gravik in motion

Gravik was sitting in the cafeteria planning his next move and expecting a call from Rhodes when Beto approached him. Beto wanted to talk to him about the events that transpired just several hours earlier, and he admitted that both he and the rest of the Skrulls were confused about the whole thing with Pagon.

Beto talking to Gravik

Gravik went straight to the defensive mode saying that Pagon failed them, failed their cause. And then, Beto admitted that he was even a little bit scared. At that moment, the conversation was interrupted by Skrull Rhodes, who called Gravik to let him know the latest update regarding President Ritsons’ health.

Skrulls decided to use the moment of distraction and attack Gravik from the back. Beto was not the first Skrull to attack Gravik, but he was the one that pulled a plastic bag over his head in an attempt to choke Gravik.

Beto choking Gravik

How did Gravik kill Beto?

Gravik was no longer just a regular Skrull. He spent almost the entirety of the season working on Skrull Power Replicating Machine in order to turn himself and the rest of the willing Skrulls into the so-called Super-Skrulls.

Being a Super-Skull, we know that Gravik is far stronger than a regular Skrull, and considering that he has given himself the powers of Extremis and Flora Colossus species, he had superpowers as well.


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Skrulls wanted to choke Gravik since Extremis couldn’t repair that kind of damage. They were aware that Gravik was next to impossible to kill. Gravik started choking to death, we can see the inside of the plastic bag being covered with purple Skrull blood, and he also started losing control of his Skrull shapeshifting abilities.

Gravik started choking

But, considering that Gravik was a Super-Skrull, he managed to break free and easily dealt with his attackers. He grabbed Beto, threw him through the glass doors, and slit his throat, killing him.

Gravik killing beto 2

Beto’s last words to Gravik were, “you are nothing but a monster.”

Now there’s always a small chance that Beto was exposed to Extremis DNA. However, it seems unlikely, as Gravik seems to keep the superpowers for himself jealously. The only reason why G’iah had them was because she turned herself into a Super-Skrull behind Gravik’s back.

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